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the balance of music to word here is perfect and the first thing i noticed. story is bleak, but your voice is not. i have had the feeling of wanting to be dead so that i felt no more emotional pain- and it was truly frightening how Dead felt.....yes, the pain was gone, but the frozen nothingness was very scary. i have deep compassion for anyone who feels this. i liked that you were running with the wind behind you - nice image. beautiful, ladies.+2
February 07 2015 22:46:00
Marianne Dear Anne, thank you so very much for sharing how you've felt at one time, and therefore able to relate. I recorded the thoughts after many days of this death wish, which have since vanished. You are right, it was a dreadful feeling, but I wanted to leave to go to a better place; that may also explain the 'unbleak' voice.
Paidra will be so delighted with your compliment, Anne!
February 02 2015 03:20:21
Lenny Cowler
Marianne Thank you, Lenny for stopping in...muchly appreciated :) +1
Killer !!!+1
February 02 2015 03:21:27
Marianne You really think you, cody? So very appreciated :) +1
February 02 2015 03:22:06
Marianne A wonderful response...thank you so much, pico :) +0
There is such sadness in this song. If I understand the story, it seems so tragic that they only way to be happy is to release yourself from this life .... Very very powerful track Ladies !!+1
February 02 2015 03:25:47
Marianne Indeed, Rob...such sadness is experienced by too many people...there are new Antidepressants that work quite well for some, and others immerse themselves in creative arts as well. Thank you for such a thoughtful response and sweet compliment. :) +1
That's... beautyful!+1
February 02 2015 03:27:22
Marianne Hi cschlote...thank you so much for your beautiful response :) +0
Wooo… I like this, A LOT !!
Fine work, a fine piece of music
February 03 2015 09:19:19
Marianne Many thanks for stopping in, nuno1959....and the extra response of encouragement! :) +1
February 03 2015 20:03:29
nuno1959 & i'm NOT done w/ you yet - you won't get away that easy !!! ;) ;) +1
February 03 2015 23:09:46
Marianne oops...what did I/we do to attract your special attention, I wonder? Great to see you here again, though, nuno :) +1
i used to feel that way too, and there is always the danger of getting into a situation like that again. waiting helped, just sitting and staying seated with all my strength, NOT moving. and i took up smoking, which is a very bad habit but kills way more slowly than lying on a train track, so that was a better alternative.
now, i embrace every emotion again, and even sadness and pain tell me that i am very much alive and not feeling all dead. as does the fervent hope that ill never fall that hard into that pit again.

running with the wind behind you - i hope you keep running here.

also, id like to sign with Anne's post! wonderfully done, and a heart-felt thank you to you ladies! :)
February 07 2015 22:54:21
Marianne Dear machete, how I relate to your pain; thank you for sharing with me and allgirl how you felt at one time. And I do hope you will escape experiencing such a deep emotion and need to be gone, and knowing that this temptation will pass...again. Wanting to go to a better place relates to running free...which is better by is possible though to run here as well :) +1
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