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I played harp to this fine template by Rickplayer. I play to 3:05, and this is room at the back for another add. Thanks to Rick for another fine template. :)
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chunkin', monkeyin' blues


Your ATL drummer says great job playing .D+2
February 03 2015 11:44:03
Blueboy Thanks Drumshticks. Great to know there is a fellow ATL Looper on board! +0
Nice again, and what a great title!+1
February 03 2015 11:31:00
Pit Brett
Blueboy Thanks Pit! Sometimes the titles are the best part of the fun.I am glad you liked it. :) +1
February 03 2015 11:45:23
Pit Brett
Pit Brett don`t get me wrong. Music is great too! +1
Very cool track and add!!+1
February 03 2015 11:45:27
Blueboy Thanks gnoerreby! :) +0
Nice one+1
February 03 2015 11:46:06
Blueboy Thanks jm! :) +1
good job+1
February 03 2015 14:51:49
Blueboy Thanks paulus! :) +1
Nice add thanks for joining+1
February 04 2015 11:57:05
Blueboy Thanks Rick! As always, thanks for the gift of your template :) +1
So Cool !!+1
February 04 2015 11:57:32
Blueboy Thanks so much Cody! +0
Ich frag jetzt mal ganz dumm, wo kommt der geschwindigkeits und tonlagen unterschied her, weiß das wer??+1
February 04 2015 02:58:17
Blueboy I don't speak German, but I used a translator to help me understand your question. I use amplitude effects called "Double" that created a lower octave tone for each note I played during some sections of the solo. I vary pitch through reed bending using tongue alteration. I tongue-block almost always. Change in tempo is just according to my choices in phrasing. Thanks for the thumbs up and your interest! +1
February 06 2015 19:12:36
mandolodda Gernot give the awnser: he pitch it a half tone down:) and this increase the speed allso +0
I love this!+1
February 04 2015 11:27:32
Blueboy Thanks ake! Such positive feedback from a fellow bluesdude makes me happy! ;) +0
but over this I forgot to say: very nice harp playing+1
February 07 2015 01:13:22
Blueboy Thanks mandolodda! +0
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