We all know

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Think the verses are bad.... I like the chorus though...

Did some vocals again.......
had fun with the different layering of the vocals... that's pretty hard to do...but fun it is!

Hope you like it.... :)


verse 1 :
No you will never know
That much is what I know
So keep calm.....Njoy the ride
listen for a while.....

At first it will wonder you
But the better you'll stay allert
and filter some elements
The tracks will come alive!

Starting with some chords and maybe some groove
Changing all the time to get it in the right move
Listening on the headphones getting ideas
Thinking it sounds right... but you had to much beers!

Getting it online is the next thing to do...
Filling in the names of your musical plan
Writing down some lyrics are a pain in the ase...

verse 2:
But than it will hit you hard
Already there right from the


December 04 2015 00:01:44
aleonzaleonz Love this one Marc, and your chorus really make a good hook, great singin ...as always!

November 17 2015 14:43:39
Mike_RockerMike_Rocker Is this Queen? Awesome.
+1 November 17 2015 16:06:14 Mike_RockerMarceys
Not everything is in the perfect tune... But I had fun! :)
November 11 2015 23:38:25
RelativityRelativity Wow , Love this and the Mr Snuts version!

February 17 2015 11:58:33
onewholeftonewholeft Great song

February 06 2015 21:43:27
nuno1959nuno1959 If i didn't know you play keys, i'd say you ARE a seasoned, veteran singer Marceys !!
Nicely done.. ;)

February 06 2015 16:52:08
haddockhaddock Yes, very nice :)

February 04 2015 17:58:31
BalfoBalfo Good song and vocals!

February 04 2015 08:36:37
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great! Sounds Floyd!

February 04 2015 04:56:18
SlonMusicSlonMusic Great Song, Marc! Cool playing altogether!

February 03 2015 21:50:32
earlstevenearlsteven yeah, what a band!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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