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Hope you add many cool ideas..

I tried to show how i feel the tune at the begining of the track then left room so u can have fun too!

@woXeylab´15.. OPEN JAM... Enjoy!

sorry bout the quality.. i made this up on my smartphone.. lol (Sneaking from work so i can make music) This is madness..


February 27 2015 09:03:31
BassterBasster Man - i practice this awesome song every day but my fingers won`t learn what my head is thinking abaout.....
+1 February 27 2015 10:13:51 BassterwoXey
Lol Basster u made me smile!.. i know the feeling very well, when i try to play on a track a dont know the chords it gets frustrating sometimes.. buf hey dont give up bro, the least expected moment it will come easly..
February 08 2015 14:33:26
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Where is the next dance floor? I have to dance...

February 06 2015 22:07:55
nuno1959nuno1959 Skipping work to make music ? Ai, ai, ai…. :D
+1 February 06 2015 22:29:49 nuno1959woXey
naughty boy...;)
February 06 2015 03:03:36
consmupaconsmupa que buena, si señor!

February 04 2015 17:48:43
BalfoBalfo Oh yes!

February 04 2015 09:04:56
akethesnakerakethesnaker I need to talk with your boss:D

February 03 2015 21:56:25
RobMRobM Another great template woX ! :)
+1 February 03 2015 22:07:04 RobMwoXey
so glad u guys like my stuff.. thank u so much Rob :)
February 03 2015 21:52:23
ivaxivax buen trabajo,no se puede dar abasto,Woxey,a todas las jams,je,je!!le faltan horas al dia
+1 February 03 2015 22:03:45 ivaxwoXey
ya t digo compadre..esto es una puta lokura.. es imposible seguir el ritmo.. I lOvE WiKilOoPs
February 03 2015 21:24:50
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey naughty boy sneaking lol good job though
+1 February 03 2015 21:59:38 MorganLeFeywoXey
:D i have to free myself a bit time to i make music in my breaks.. lol.. perfect destresser!
February 03 2015 21:19:35
pauluspaulus killer
+1 February 03 2015 22:06:09 pauluswoXey
have fun my friend..!;)

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