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wrote for Homeless awareness (not the best recording,and kind of long sorry) video can be seen at

lyrics below

Life’s not so simple, she’s hoping for more
Her questions unanswered, her visions are pure
There’s nowhere to run, oh there’s nowhere to hide
She keeps her dreams vivid, she keeps them alive
She’s sits on the corner, it’s pouring down rain
A teenager running from a life full of pain
She holds on to hope, but she’s lost and confused
Escaping the beatings of the life of abuse

There’s no escaping, when nobody cares
We pretend not to see her, like she’s not even there
Like she’s not even there
She cries, stop and sit
Why can’t you see me, my clothes are all ragged, my eyes filled with tears
I’ll do you no harm, but I need you to hear me
As darkness approaches my fate is unclear
Please don’t walk away
I need you to stay, I need you to stay

A little girl’s nightmare, as strangers walk by
With Newspaper blankets, and tears i


August 12 2016 22:37:24
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho sj

March 07 2015 23:49:09
HarriHarri way to go

February 25 2015 04:38:51
RickplayerRickplayer cool

February 04 2015 18:32:25
sj88sj88 any suggestions to improve this song to make it worthy 0f itunes is greatly appreciated.

February 04 2015 17:45:58
BalfoBalfo Thank's a lot for this!

February 04 2015 09:17:32
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice lyrics girls!:)

February 04 2015 06:17:25
onewholeftonewholeft Another great song well done

February 04 2015 05:14:14
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler nice sad song and vide

February 04 2015 04:58:48
SlonMusicSlonMusic Great Song! Great video too. Thanks for sharing!

February 04 2015 01:42:21
sj88sj88 thank you, we are guilty of feeling uncomfortable and looking away, but lately so many kids and families and veterans are homeless, that it is hard to look away.Being a kid and not having a job, this is the only way for us to help, so every year we try to raise some money for the cause through music.It usually isn't much, but in the process the video maybe will reach one person.


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