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Live jam with Gerhard on guitar. Join the sojourn, but watch those shifts in feel and tempo.


This is a special art. A genre-free art of the moment and of intuition.+2
February 05 2015 19:30:11
Wade The best compliment I've ever received. Shows perfect understanding of musically just being in the moment. +2
bravo nice live jam! thats the real way, would like to join, but here in Gemany its night.+1
February 04 2015 19:32:02
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. Wish I could have heard it first before playing...but then would have not had that spontaneity. +0
Love it !!+1
February 04 2015 19:32:27
Wade Thanks cody +0
A small jazz club impromptu, and a bottle of wine and dinner for two. great tune!+1
February 04 2015 19:34:42
Wade A very small club indeed. Gerhard his wife and two kids in 50 square meters. +0
Nice work Wade..+1
February 04 2015 19:34:56
Wade Thanks Mark. +0
I really do enjoy hearing the two of you in action :) Very nice !! :)+1
February 04 2015 19:35:21
Wade Thanks Rob. More to come. +1
Great jam, guys!+1
February 04 2015 19:36:01
Wade Thanks Steve. Would love to do the live thing with you some day. +1
good jam Wade:)+1
February 04 2015 19:36:37
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. Rhythms are all over the place..would be difficult??? +1
kinda west side story. nice+1
February 04 2015 19:37:27
Wade We're in New Zealand must be "south Side" story. Thanks bigMike +0
auditory delight ;)+1
February 04 2015 19:38:12
Wade Thanks OliVBee. Very kind of you to say. +1

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