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Welcome AUM and many thanks for your Great Track! I've tried to let speak the feeling instead of playing "amazing guitar hero style" (Even I know that I can't play an amazing style lol) Intensity was my intention for this one
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Pad & solo guitar


beautifully done, Tofzegrit. Aum's track is a neat background for your guitar work. plenty of "amazing guitar hero style" players who fill every measure with sound - glad you didn't. i like your approach - :)+1
February 05 2015 18:39:34
Tofzegrit Merci Anne +0
January 08 2016 03:54:06
Tofzegrit Your first comment was here sister :) and this one stills one of my Best Tof! +1
Girard's random picks are a good idea or I'd never heard this. Great playing Tof !!+1
July 06 2015 15:50:18
Tofzegrit Oh yess ! However you can have a look in my playlist under my profile ! some are titled "Mine:"... Thanks a lot Psy, I really love this one +1
July 06 2015 17:17:13
Psycho Sometimes I do that, but the newsfeed keeps me so busy it's impossible :) +0
Super cette piece ! :)+1
December 21 2016 01:22:54
Tofzegrit une de mes premières et dans mon top10, j'avais eu du mal pour déchiffrer la structure mais avec les effets, je me suis fais des frissons.
D'ailleurs j'ai sauvegardé les 3 canaux en tant que modèle Cubase pour réutiliser ce son (ce que j'ai effectivement fait)
Merci pour l'écoute, ça me fait chaud au coeur
Fantastic Chris!! Really good line guitar and of course good template. :)+1
muito bom, TOFZEGRIT+1
I missed this one. Heart and soul my friend:)+1
nicely done:)+0
February 05 2015 18:39:57
Tofzegrit Merci ocipnavicni +0
yeah! great rich sound! Like it a lot! :)+0
February 05 2015 18:40:56
Tofzegrit Merci Marc +0
cool sound and nice breathing :)+0
February 05 2015 19:28:28
Tofzegrit merci Oliv' +2
very good :)+0
February 05 2015 19:28:48
Lenny Cowler
Tofzegrit Merci Lenny +2

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