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MrSnuts84 jams Supporter
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I have been listening to the template track for a long time,
and instead of going nuts, I figured it would be a nice way to spend valentines day to write this song.
I'd appreciate comments on the lyrics, I'm aware of the limited singing skills (liked the last chorus, tho) ;)
this one's for H.


June 03 2016 23:19:32
Deep emotion

March 30 2015 12:54:32
you are cool :-)

March 02 2015 23:12:53
like very much, all thumbs I have for this

February 22 2015 21:13:51
very nice band all together :) ... i like those lyrics and the way they're presented, the breathing is good and the flow very pleasant ! well done \o/

February 17 2015 11:06:03
Da mm..... I need to give more thumbs......great lyrics to a great tune....means so much more when real emotions are involved.
Goin on my playlist right now. well done all.... Specially you dick.

February 15 2015 16:58:27
neat melody and phrasing.
"been down a long road" - lovely change
"to a song you'll most likely never hear" - well those words and that melody made my heart twinge. your lyrics could be sung in a totally mawkish self pitying manner, but they are absolutely not. vocal melody keeps it uplifted but not without questions. i think it's a beautiful marriage of magical music, profoundly personal and vulnerable lyrics, and a vocal delivery that makes it work. that last repeated verse really brings it to an effective close. glad i caught this one, Gentlemen. it's SOLID!

+2 February 15 2015 23:20:17 AnneCozean MrSnuts
thank you so much for your review, Anne! I'm a bit speechless tbh :) it's just right you mention the beauty of the music once more - these guys did a fantastic job
February 16 2015 01:54:48 AnneCozean AnneCozean
my pleasure, Sir Snuts.
February 15 2015 11:51:59
Mir gefällts sehr gut ;o)

February 15 2015 11:29:26
Hey, I like this a lot! :)

February 15 2015 10:11:07
lovely backing track from Marceys, Baer and Mr H and very heartfelt lyrics and vocals from Mr Snuts :)
+0 February 15 2015 11:29:26 Shi MrSnuts
thanks for the listen, shi. Means something to me :)
February 15 2015 09:44:43
Hey that's cool MrSnuts! Deep lyrics there. The best love songs are born out of emotion! Became a great track and tnx for the ride! :)
+0 February 15 2015 11:28:03 Marceys MrSnuts
thanks marc! took quite some time to figure out the structure & match the message... never wrote a song in a similar way, moving from part to part. The "i dont know / cold wind blows" part was my initial idea, so I went backwards from there.
i owe you for that piano... thanks a lot, it wouldn't have happened without you :)
February 15 2015 16:29:47 Marceys Marceys
And a open end in the song! Cool dubbele vocals at the end!
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