Push + rhythm guitar

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Another little spot of Nile Rodgers-esque rhythm guitar.
I'm not 100% sure about my timing here and I also do know the original was done about 6 months ago, Still, here it is. Hope you like it.


February 19 2015 12:11:57
R1772R1772 Great track - it´s a suprize to discover a Nile Rodger´s/ Chic-style tune here.
+1 February 20 2015 23:52:11 R1772ivanholmes
Thank you very much!
February 16 2015 10:37:37
DickDick I'm a great fan of straight funky guitar sweedling :) good job! (maybe a tiny bit loud in the mix again :P)
+0 February 17 2015 19:25:51 Dickivanholmes
Thanks! I'll make sure the volume is lower next time although I am horrible at mixing ;)
February 17 2015 20:03:52 DickDick
seriously, a good approach is to pull the (guitar)volume all the way down and fade it in slowly untill its well-audible - you'll end up -20% of where you were before, most of the time. You need a lot of volume for recording and checking the recording, the mix is another chapter, so its good to start with this little trick :)
February 18 2015 20:42:59 Dickivanholmes
thanks very much for this great tip
February 15 2015 17:58:58
alexjalexj that's some funky rhythm playing right there :) cheers man

February 15 2015 09:59:25
MarceysMarceys Cool rhythm guitar Ivanholmes! Cool track! Tnx for the ride!

February 14 2015 21:41:28
ivaxivax well played,Ivan
+1 February 14 2015 22:40:07 ivaxivanholmes
thanks mate
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