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Made another distortion patch for my bass & thought this one sounded PRETTY cool… This is just fooling around putting a lick together to evaluate & enjoy the distortion, good fun.. Hope you enjoy it too ;)


send one out w/o machine! dig it...heavy and catchy!+1
February 18 2015 17:12:14
nuno1959 ;) Will upload a drum beat free bass track ASAP !!
Glad you dig it.. ;)
woah nuno that's a jam! What effects are you using to achieve this sound?+1
February 18 2015 17:35:54
nuno1959 It's a TC Electronics Nova System guitar effects board that i've been gradually tailoring to my bass - & this is my latest distortion/rhythm patch...
You should hear it bursting off my amp !!!
February 18 2015 18:30:00
bhunt1 Aha interesting. I was thinking of getting a TC Electronics bass amp with tone print - I wonder if that would have similar effects? +1
April 08 2015 19:57:13
nuno1959 Sorry B1, i missed your question ! :|
I think they have something by way of distortions but for some reason i always end up ''tailoring'' mine - typical bass dist. always sound just plain scratchy/grindy to me
February 18 2015 19:34:54
nuno1959 If ever we play this live, wanna bet the audience will be the ones hit w/ a panic attack ?? ;) ;)
Glad you enjoyed it..
February 18 2015 20:23:07
MajorTom_III LOL ! That's a panic attack I'd look forward to +1
Perfect!! what a track.. :D muy bien vecino+1
February 18 2015 23:04:09
nuno1959 Gracias WoX !! Glad you enjoyed it my very enthusiastic friend !! ;) +0
Yes buddy - it sounds pretty cool!!
I love experimental bass players !!
February 18 2015 23:04:51
nuno1959 You should've been here when i was recording, i think you'd like it live.. ;) +0
That's nice... my friend.... \m/
Carqueja é boa .. ;)
February 18 2015 23:51:36
nuno1959 Very boa my friend porque n'as pas de caroço e descasca-se very well !!! :D :D +1
Good to hear you experimenting!+1
February 18 2015 23:53:17
nuno1959 …practicing my early morning ''wake up call'' !
One never knows when visits may come by… :D
wow, os sons graves muito legal se você não tivesse escrito isso ainda eu haätte cem por cento pensei que seria uma guitarra ;o)+1
February 19 2015 11:46:28
nuno1959 ….Ulo - Sie sollten es aus meinem Amp kommen hören … ;) +0

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