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wonderful. very tasteful playing and magic :)+2
February 21 2015 01:42:50
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. Wanted to see if it's possible to accentuate the beauty of this wonderful piece from Acousticeg +2
February 21 2015 01:58:14
Pit Brett
Pit Brett you made it :) +2
beautiful &. wonderful+2
February 21 2015 23:30:46
Wade Thanks for the listen chrisbass. All due to Acousticeg's wonderful template. +1
Wonderfully airy, indeed.+2
February 21 2015 23:32:07
Wade Thanks dannyk. Sometimes simple adds are best. So good as it was. +1
Just perfect !! Very nice Wade+2
February 21 2015 23:33:09
Wade Thanks Cody. Reminds me a lot of the scope of style in your pieces. +1
very nice Wade:)+2
February 21 2015 23:34:00
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. Appreciate the listen. +5
Nice folk song! How do you make the voices together? is it a vocoder? or a pluggin? Hardware? Lovely effect!+1
February 20 2015 23:48:35
Wade Thanks javisax. It's one of those guitarist magic boxes that they use for various effects. This one is a digitech that can generate octaves, fifths etc. There are thousands of these things around depending on the effect you're after. Can be gimmicky, so best to have some idea of the sound you're after (use sparingly). +1
February 20 2015 23:51:05
javisax That sound great! If I have the chance, I will try it. I thought they were only for guitar players, but really sounds brilliant over your saxophone! Thanks for answering. +1
February 21 2015 01:06:20
Wade Lots of interesting effects that can be used live with those boxes, otherwise there are a number of things that can be done in edit. Happy to help. Wish I lived closer. Would be happy to exchange whatever I know for a few lessons. +1
This is just beautiful Wade...Thank you very much!+1
February 21 2015 23:36:54
Wade The thanks is to you for such a fine piece. I just love it and am glad you're OK with my add. Your pieces are just so fine. +0
nice gentle add to the wonderful template of Acousticeg, a real feast for the ears ;o)+1
February 21 2015 23:38:44
Wade Thanks Uli for the listen. Yes this was a great piece as it was. I'm just happy that Acousticeg found the add OK. He's got such a great sound and feel. +1
Very nice!!=)+1
February 21 2015 23:39:28
Wade Thanks Steve. Glad you took time to listen, much appreciated. +0
smooth as always, very fine playing :)+1
February 21 2015 23:40:15
Wade Thanks Adu. OK got to do rough and get out of the "smooth" mode. Watch out for the next one! +0

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