Breakfast Blues

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I've been in a monogamous relationship for a very long time and I have neither the desire nor the opportunity to change that. But I did get to musing what my chat-up line would be these days. Maybe "Hello darling, I'm rubbish in bed, but I can make you the best breakfast you've ever had". I think it could work. Then I made a song out of it. I hope I didn't play over the tasty keyboards too much.


November 21 2016 19:36:36
wikibebwikibeb ça c'est cool , bon rendue super mix

September 14 2016 02:09:09
francisco alfrancisco al legal sequência WanHu. bom trabalho

June 14 2015 08:37:58
bleymehlbleymehl Cool blues, nice idea 😀!

May 06 2015 20:58:39
woXeywoXey very cool track all together!!! nice!
+0 May 07 2015 00:44:41 woXeyWanHu
Many thanks. I hope to release the next hit single this weekend, once I clear my daughter's homework from my desk.
March 25 2015 06:42:40
cody trippcody tripp SO GOOD !!

March 09 2015 22:11:05
pklieschpkliesch Cool vocals!

February 22 2015 21:55:32
RickplayerRickplayer love those blues tracks well done everyone

February 22 2015 09:26:51
UloisiusUloisius super, I am somewhat new to hear from you again and again ;o)
+0 February 23 2015 01:42:03 UloisiusWanHu
Danke Uloisius . Ich denke, Google Translate verstümmelt und verfälscht Ihre Nachricht. Ich erwarte, dass er hier das gleiche tun. Ich arbeite an einigen Liedern von Robert Burns arbeiten , teilweise durch Ihre Arbeit hier inspiriert.
February 23 2015 07:29:25 UloisiusUloisius
Yes, it is with Google Translator one thing, on the other hand, better than nothing. My English is not good enough. Think it's great that you want to set to music you make it a classic poet. I have also come stumbled upon this idea and now it makes me really fun, currently working on a small piece with a text by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, I will probably publish ones of the week. It's a beautiful thing to be able to give the classics a new voice ;o)
February 21 2015 18:40:20
pauluspaulus Feel I am in a smoky saloon down in Texas B-)

February 21 2015 17:35:25
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool vocals
+0 February 21 2015 23:33:04 jmrukkersWanHu
Thanks. I chose the track for its "Madison Blues" vibe, but your and Danny's playing is incredibly catchy and inventive.

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