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Phaser sax in beginning. Classic blues made strange. Lots of room left. Jump in!


Very very cool sound and jam!!! Very good. Phaser sax cooool!! Tarantino´s soundtrack he he+2
February 22 2015 23:26:25
Wade Tarantino? Does that mean it was bloody awful? Big smiles... +1
;-) Nice sound...+1
That's cool wade thanks for joining+1
February 22 2015 23:20:02
Wade Thanks for having me...not that you had a choice! Means a lot to me that you are OK with my messing with this. +0
Sounds cool Wade!+1
February 22 2015 23:20:28
Wade Thanks Mark. It's a bit out there... +0
Great Wade!!+1
February 22 2015 23:21:00
Wade Well I know you liked joined in ! The ultimate compliment. Thanks. +1
That sounds so cool Wade. THUMBS !!+1
February 22 2015 23:21:56
Wade Thanks Cody. I know you can appreciate "different" Just wish I know as many types of different as you. +1
perfect accessory to enhance a the great song:)+1
February 22 2015 23:23:13
Lenny Cowler
Wade Good description "accessory". I usually hear that world in the sentence "accessory to the crime". +1
February 23 2015 04:48:48
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler It is google translator:) +1
your Phaser sax sounds absolutely great ;o)+1
oh that is very good..! top sound mr. W+1
February 22 2015 23:25:09
Wade Thanks woXey. You're my hero of cooking up different sounds and combinations. +1
Super sax!;)+1
February 22 2015 23:27:52
Wade Mostly thanks to your super track Mr Ake. Such a classic blues...sorry about messing with it. +0

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