Got lucky at Jury Duty today

Remix step #4 (playing)
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Fishinmissio604 jams Supporter
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Yay..dismissed for the week. My new to me mouthpiece for the tenor came today..That thing barks after the I am trying out something that may soften up the sound a bit. First shot at it here


February 25 2015 05:41:48
RobMRobM Sounds great ! :)

February 24 2015 22:56:13
GlezBassGlezBass Perfect sound!!! Very good jam!! Whoever plays bass is the worst!! haha. Very nice track with sax line

February 24 2015 10:22:46
jmrukkersjmrukkers Sounds really good Mark, nice bit of sparkle when pushed. Is this a long or a short shank soloist?
+1 February 24 2015 15:27:26 jmrukkersFishinmissio
It's a long...from back in the 60's or 70's..
February 24 2015 07:26:05
MarceysMarceys Blends right in! Cool line and your sound is really great too! Tnx for this chill ride.. :)

February 24 2015 05:53:14
WadeWade This is a good sound for you with less edge. Lets us hear how pretty that sax of yours can sound. (And a little more controllable?). Finely played with good melodic intent.

February 24 2015 02:53:27
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic !!!!

February 24 2015 01:37:05
RickplayerRickplayer nice smooth sound
+1 February 24 2015 01:58:34 RickplayerFishinmissio
Thanks Rick...always lookin to improve :-)..The tenor is fairly new to me..
February 24 2015 01:12:41
onewholeftonewholeft Nice mate i love tracks with brass

February 24 2015 00:32:43
ItocpogoItocpogo You have a nice big sound and it sounds good!
+1 February 24 2015 01:39:53 ItocpogoFishinmissio
Thanks.This was a Selmer Soloist I bought off E-Bay last week. I was looking for an old standby.
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