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I added clarinet melody to this beautiful piece....


January 28 2016 08:05:03
JDFJDF I felt like I was sitting in a theatre, listening to an orchestra. Such a cool thing, when music transports you to a different place. Thank you both for this so much.

August 17 2015 05:04:41
aleonzaleonz Oh my ...breath taking performance Javi!, I fell in love with Marc beautiful piece of art, this intimacy between the piano and clarinet so loving and wonderful...this beauty really put a tears to my eyes...thank you for both of you
+2 September 13 2015 01:21:00 aleonzjavisax
Thanks for your beautiful words, indeed I feel the same when I listen to Marc compositions!
August 14 2015 16:07:32
sfikssfiks Love this effortless playing. Melody is perfect and sounds like it was composed by Marc.
+2 September 13 2015 01:20:09 sfiksjavisax
Thanks! Marc great song!
February 26 2015 20:12:30
GuadañaGuadaña Great piece of art!!!

February 25 2015 19:50:52
NeronickNeronick musical add :)
+1 February 25 2015 20:54:22 Neronickjavisax
Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
February 25 2015 12:47:04
Il TelloIl Tello Well this's the best that I never listen on wikiloop. I prefer another upper audio quality for this kind of music but I think that this one is a great idea to making music, with feel of the soul. I was sure of this Duo ;-)
+1 February 25 2015 13:28:20 Il Tellojavisax
Thanks IlTello, I'm sorry about the quality, I normally record the clarinet ones in my class, and my equipment is not very good (Samson C01), but is the only time I can record during the week, because I'm not at home. Anyway, it's the same fun for us, doing it this way...I supose. Thanks for commenting!
February 25 2015 13:44:44 Il TelloIl Tello
No Javisax, that's not problem tha problem is MP3 quality, is the poorest quality possible. So you can record in the best studio record but when you reduce all to MP3 it's just a wasted.And your quality than the usually in here it's better.
February 24 2015 22:59:46
kimbokimbo stunning
+1 February 24 2015 23:19:48 kimbojavisax
Thanks Kimbo!
February 24 2015 22:34:40
WadeWade Such a fine tone and matching melody you've added to this beautiful piece of Marc's.
+1 February 24 2015 22:53:44 Wadejavisax
Yes Wade, beautiful piece, I tried my best to do it right. Thanks for the chords, Marc!
February 24 2015 23:58:34 WadeLiesching
Javi and Wade, my chords are your chords :) Thank you javi and a big hug for this awesome add.
February 24 2015 22:11:28
pklieschpkliesch So beautiful!
+1 February 24 2015 22:54:29 pklieschjavisax
Thank you very much!
February 24 2015 20:08:20
OliVBeeOliVBee marvelous ! i can hear the classical is pretty much your garden :) ... so much emotion in your playing ! wonderful match with Marc's awsome track :) a real joy to listen to !!
+4 February 24 2015 21:38:15 OliVBeefrankyguitar
I agree 100% !!! Say no more!
February 24 2015 22:56:35 OliVBeejavisax
Yes OlivBee, I like classical very much, but I enjoy doing funny things with sax, too, but I'm lucky to have found Liesching with his classical touch!

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