Into the Water (Wade)

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Dedicated to Priscilla. Where are you my Koala la la?


March 04 2015 15:05:33
Fine add Wade, super cool playing !! ;)
A beautiful mix, cool to hear you using effects to add these textures to your sound… I like it !

+1 March 31 2015 21:35:47 nuno1959 Wade
How did I miss rude! A belated thanks.
April 01 2015 00:15:11 nuno1959 nuno1959
Yup, can't have that round here !!
Formal complaint to Dick… ;)
March 03 2015 09:32:15
Finally discovered the great comeback of the electronic cow :D Just jokin.... Awesome addition, wade!
+1 March 03 2015 12:18:47 Liesching Wade
Thanks! This is fun finding all these different sounds. This one I think I'll call "Kong Kazoo".
March 01 2015 04:28:25
killers,with cool bass&solo
+1 March 01 2015 21:48:15 earlsteven Wade
Thanks earlsteven!
February 28 2015 05:58:07
I like this -- the sax is really effective, I think. The tone makes it feels just slightly askew in an interesting way, and it really grabs your attention in a fascinating way. The playing is emotional and compelling with a hint of melancholy. I don't care what you say -- I like it!!! :)
+1 February 28 2015 22:01:39 StratPlayer Wade
This is fun...You're expecting me to convince you not to like it. Well, it's an experiment in seeing what's possible sound-wise. It has OK feel and story, so yes...Thank You StratPlayer. Big smiles for your insistence.
February 26 2015 12:59:01
Pit BrettPit Brett
nice electosax! now i understand the german word "Koalition" thank you wade :)
+2 February 27 2015 01:38:36 Pit Brett Wade
Cool double entendre! Glad you like. Thanks Pit
February 25 2015 17:14:53
perfect ;o)
+1 February 25 2015 22:47:17 Uloisius Wade
Thanks Uli. Still experimental...but glad to know that it's OK.
February 25 2015 17:03:48
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Awesome Wade, I am very pleased to hear you with us:)
+1 February 25 2015 22:46:40 Lenny Cowler Wade
I love this track. Must apologize for messing with it.
February 27 2015 01:53:42 Lenny Cowler Fishinmissio
Isn't that part of why we are all here? I like it
February 27 2015 03:08:16 Lenny Cowler Wade
Once in a while one can feel that they've made something better. This one doesn't make that grade. Yes, still OK to use whatever is here for practice. Hopefully I have no illusions about when an add is an improvement.
February 25 2015 14:22:59
Nice one, nice effects=)
+1 February 25 2015 22:45:46 SlonMusic Wade
Thanks Steve. Am still very much experimenting to see what's possible. Will be a bit rough for a while.
February 25 2015 13:18:12
Love it Wade
+1 February 25 2015 22:44:30 onewholeft Wade
Thanks Lairdy. Am now in Oz...unfortunately too far away for a live jam...but thinking of you.
February 25 2015 23:43:05 onewholeft onewholeft
Have fun in the lucky country mate
February 26 2015 02:42:51 onewholeft Wade
Well, to be honest I'm planting trees and sweating my ass off. Being here is generally work.
February 25 2015 12:48:25
Very cool/atmospheric! :)
+1 February 25 2015 22:43:29 Blueboy Wade
Thanks Blueboy. Yea, the idea is to see how to use the only instrument I can play half decently with one of those magic boxes to create music that isn't labelled just "sax sound".

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