Sleep Well

Remix step #2 (playing)


javisax65 jams
+ 18
I added a clarinet melody line to this composition, beautiful piano track from marc! Thank you!


February 28 2015 05:35:22
SlonMusicSlonMusic Your tracks, Marc and Javi, is a Brilliant thing here, and thanks for your unbelievable performances.
+2 February 28 2015 14:42:36 SlonMusicjavisax
Thank you Slon!
February 27 2015 23:26:59
bleymehlbleymehl What a wonderful sound! Unbelievable, how weightless your clarinet flights over the landscape of Marcs piano!
+2 February 27 2015 23:29:01 bleymehljavisax
Thanks bleymehl!!
February 27 2015 22:47:33
WadeWade The two of you just mesh so well. Marc's beautiful flow of ideas is so well interpreted by by you.
+1 February 27 2015 22:51:33 Wadejavisax
I agree Wade...a pleasure to have found him in here (and others too!)
February 27 2015 22:20:34
TomasFoeTomasFoe what a lyric fairytale... marvelous playing, lovely ideas... :D
+1 February 27 2015 22:37:04 TomasFoejavisax
Thanks Tomas, I think Marc and I make a good complement.
February 27 2015 22:46:08 TomasFoeWade
Yes It seems that another great wiki-partnership has come about.
February 27 2015 21:24:57
AKchenAKchen awesome duo :)

February 27 2015 21:20:27
ericblomericblom What a Nice instrument the clarinet is. IT sounds beautfull and verry Well played.
+1 February 27 2015 22:19:19 ericblomjavisax
Thank you very much!
February 27 2015 21:09:53
DrumshticksDrumshticks Nice playing guys Bravo .So soothing with the intreging Clarinet added just the perfect balance .D
+2 February 27 2015 22:20:26 Drumshticksjavisax
Thanks from my part!
February 27 2015 20:31:34
HarriHarri Sure

February 27 2015 20:18:10
MarceysMarceys Great guys! This is a new soundtrack for a wildlife movie. The birth of new animals and there way of growing up! Very cool!
+1 February 27 2015 22:22:35 Marceysjavisax
Haha, it's a peculiar point of view! It's nice playing with with Marc's compositions. (And yours as well!)
February 27 2015 20:05:40
glennpglennp Well done! If you listen closely you can hear a beautiful story... Nice track!
+2 February 27 2015 22:24:40 glennpjavisax
I agree, we all try to tell stories through our music, I'm glad you have found one!

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