Mid Term

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I kind of threw everything in for this one. Reverb, delay, reverse, etc. Not exactly subtle, but hey.

The timing on the chromatically descending major 7 chords was pretty devious, Marceys!


March 23 2015 04:11:30
onewholeftonewholeft Nice drumming like it

March 01 2015 21:04:16
OliVBeeOliVBee interesting and creative use of different effects ... nice lines well played :)

March 01 2015 11:59:32
GuadañaGuadaña Just need Steve Wonder at vocals!!!! super great!!!!

March 01 2015 11:14:35
pklieschpkliesch So cool & funky! Great work!

March 01 2015 11:06:18
mpointonmpointon Excellent work, sheaf! Liking the cunning root change where it drops back.

March 01 2015 09:42:16
HarriHarri very ok!

March 01 2015 08:53:02
aduadu Funk it up! :)

March 01 2015 08:27:43
MarceysMarceys Hey Sheaf! Cool job you did there! I see and hear you changed the second chord from Fm6 to Bb9, blends in easily.... As for the chromatically chords, your timing was just right..... Tnx for the ride man!
+1 March 01 2015 08:35:14 Marceyssheaf
Making good use of the bassists' superpower of changing the root.

As for the descending chords, I had to practice it for a while and still didn't really manage exactly right.

The section from 1:37 reminded me of Roger Waters' "Towers of Faith", do you know that one?
March 01 2015 08:47:09 MarceysMarceys
No I didn't know that song, but there are some similarities indeed! The strings are giving the same kind of flavour...
March 01 2015 07:49:10
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good bass Sheaf:)

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