Feeding The Beast

Remix step #2 (playing)
United States


jehobith1 jams
+ 11
This is my first ever remix as a member here. I recorded this all in one take. I know others have already fed the beast on this one, but I just could not pass up recording my guitar style to these killer drums. I hope I mixed it well and clear enough for everyone to enjoy. Ty


March 10 2015 14:09:36
MishteriaMishteria ❥\\m//♫

March 09 2015 22:17:33
pklieschpkliesch Evil! 😁

March 08 2015 02:38:43
ivaxivax friendly welcome, good start, don't worry, here you can play all styles that you desire

March 06 2015 15:06:31
DickDick feed that beast :D tight executed shred & good mix IMO!

March 06 2015 11:18:55
BassterBasster Realy great man!! No matter if any other has jammed on this too - it is interessting to see different ways to jam on songs ;)
I like that guitartone - there is much space for the bassman :D

March 06 2015 03:43:46
KMstarKMstar This is awesome, no worried about jamming on a new direction here, that is what is great about this site. Just a bunch of musicians from across the planet having fun!
+1 March 06 2015 03:52:25 KMstarjehobith
Thanks, I am having a blast. I haven't played in two years until I did this remix. Im a bit out of practice. But I promise everyone they will hear more from me from other genres as well.
March 06 2015 03:53:58 KMstarKMstar
welcome aboard, enjoy the ride!

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