Remix step #5 (playing)
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KMstar1131 jams Supporter
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Thought I would try, please tell me if I should stick to strings


March 06 2015 15:51:10
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 March 06 2015 19:19:20 Lenny Cowler KMstar
Thanks Lenny!
March 06 2015 09:08:14
I really love the direction this track is going :) Really nice vocals... A little Alice in Chains vibe happening ... Very cool :)

March 06 2015 08:47:59
very nice...I would recommend... vocals ...more in the front 📢....great song overall very well played 👍
+1 March 06 2015 15:14:30 chrisbass KMstar
I went a little heavy with the reverb to try and blend in better, maybe a little too much. I am not used to recording vocals
March 06 2015 07:14:24
Very cool KMstar, nice vocals.
+1 March 06 2015 23:08:52 jmrukkers KMstar
Thanks! Its something I wanted to try but I am not really happy with my voice. who knows maybe with some practice I would do better but I am still a guitar player at heart
March 06 2015 06:21:08
Metallica said it best in the lyrics for "Nothing Else Matters" It sounds like you are singing from the Heart, Through headphones it sounds like you are on key most of the time. Vocals should be more up front though, To me I hear them as a back up vocals. Being blunt, it sounds really good and you should keep singing because from what I hear you have an awesome voice man, Really good pitch just need better technique. A lot of people sing from the throat or sound too nasally . I can tell you are actually using your lungs and breathing in time. Good stuff, Keep singing Im a fan already.
+2 March 06 2015 06:28:36 jehobith KMstar
Thanks man! Always wanted to sing but guitar is priority, it was cool to try something diffrent just to do it and glad I did not embariss myself to bad, if my kids here it I will never live it down;)
March 06 2015 08:14:23 jehobith frankyguitar
Well, that's what I would say! And by the way- the hole song is great! Very fine work guys!
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