Colonia tovar (pure eyes in the morning)

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Tovar Colony is a town of Venezuela, capital of the municipality Tovar in Aragua state. Founded in 1843 by a group of immigrants from the then independent state of Baden, is characterized by maintaining the cultural imprint of their origin, so it is called "the Germany of the Caribbean".
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Good one!+1
March 07 2015 18:31:38
Keiton Always, thank you Balfo :) +0
Nice Keiichi:)+1
March 07 2015 18:53:00
Keiton Thank you so much Martina :) +1
awesome Keii:)+1
March 07 2015 18:53:24
Lenny Cowler
Keiton Thank you very much Lenny ;) +1
Very nice! easy to listen to!+1
March 07 2015 21:16:38
Keiton Thank you so much KM :) +0
great track Keii, beautiful!+1
March 07 2015 23:11:03
Keiton Thank y ou so much mulambo :) +0
I like the combination that you manage with its pauses+1
March 07 2015 23:11:25
Keiton ivax, Thank you so much :) +0
so im really happy can listen our song!! the feeling touched my soul!! i love so much ! thank you very much honey!+1
Very nice guitar Keiichiro, the story of Colonia tovar I did not know yet ;o)+1
bom trabalho+1
nice song and also the note explaining the title.+1

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