Colonia tovar (pure eyes in the morning)

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Tovar Colony is a town of Venezuela, capital of the municipality Tovar in Aragua state. Founded in 1843 by a group of immigrants from the then independent state of Baden, is characterized by maintaining the cultural imprint of their origin, so it is called "the Germany of the Caribbean".


November 20 2016 00:30:50
jamladyjamlady what a great template Keiton!:)
+1 November 20 2016 10:07:34 jamladyKeiton
Thanks a lot for listening it. Im so glad that your wards :)
September 21 2016 21:49:21
SupJaxSupJax Colonia - custom call of Cologne - Köln. german old town built by romans. thx for description :) that's where i live. chaos. don't ask :@
very intense sound man. just heard Drey's add. like it a lot Keiton

+1 November 20 2016 10:06:33 SupJaxKeiton
Sorry for the late reply. My ex-girlfriend told me about Colonia Tovar, then I made this track. Someday I want to go there, maybe Colonia Tovar is very beautiful place, I wish :) Thanks a lot for listening ;)
September 18 2016 14:19:14
StefStef I missed this superb template! So cool Kei! :)
+1 November 20 2016 10:01:09 StefKeiton
Sorry for too late reply. Im glad that your words, Thanks a lot Stef:)
September 18 2016 09:38:42
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great Kei, excellent playing my friend !! And I have to say thank you for this interesting history lesson!! Really very interesting :)
+1 November 20 2016 09:59:42 frankyguitarKeiton
Sorry for too late reply. Thank you so much for good words Frank:)
November 20 2016 20:38:44 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
No need to apologize Kei :)
September 18 2016 06:06:08
PsychoPsycho Great template !!
+0 September 18 2016 06:18:45 PsychoKeiton
I was only playing casually. Lenny and mulambo gave it finish to so nice song. In fact, I dedicated this for my wife. She now came back to my side :)
September 18 2016 06:37:09 PsychoPsycho
Hey buddy... that's great news. Keep a hold of her this time :)
July 26 2015 01:21:02
GaryAGaryA nice song and also the note explaining the title.

March 23 2015 22:42:19
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho

March 08 2015 08:16:13
UloisiusUloisius Very nice guitar Keiichiro, the story of Colonia tovar I did not know yet ;o)

March 08 2015 00:47:26
sachikomilisachikomili so im really happy can listen our song!! the feeling touched my soul!! i love so much ! thank you very much honey!

March 07 2015 23:36:54
chrisbasschrisbass very niccce


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