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Acousticeg170 jams
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Liked your bass and added it to my mix...


March 08 2015 05:24:16
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good job Acousticeg:)
+1 March 08 2015 06:42:51 Lenny CowlerAcousticeg
If you could post your sep track for the drums I could do a better mix. I did the best I could but your drums need to be more out front in the mix...
March 08 2015 17:49:47 Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
I have little memory in digit rec,everytime I have to delete,sorry:)
March 08 2015 04:29:43
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice guys!

March 08 2015 03:41:12
MishteriaMishteria Very good!!

March 07 2015 23:05:44
WadeWade Sounds so good!

March 07 2015 22:31:07
KMstarKMstar You are talented my friend!

March 07 2015 22:18:30
nuno1959nuno1959 Ooooh, this is such a treat AC !! On to my playlist it goes, thanks ;)
If ever you want, don't hesitate to ask for the lossless bass track for you to mix as you see fit, it will be my pleasure

+2 March 08 2015 06:39:56 nuno1959Acousticeg
Yes it would be great to have the bass sep track. I could do a better mix with both the bass and the drum seps.
March 08 2015 11:50:51 nuno1959nuno1959
On mixes i anticipate to be more difficult to get right or that i REALLY LIKE, usually i ask others to send me their respective tracks.
No one has ever refused…. ;) ;) Have i ever mentioned wWE ARE a fab community ? The Best !! :D

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