Let It Breathe

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Took a little pop at this lovely tune of Marceys. I hope I stayed true to what you had in mind. Reverb's a little overdone on the snare - fine line between the rim click section and the backbeat. Could've automated it, I suppose!


This is simply great drummin mpointon! Love 2:05 and 2:21. Perfect match with all of Marcs themes.+2
Great Job because I think this Template is not so easy to complete and it seems that your playing is soft and sounds on all parts.
Bravo Martin!
Great drumming tracks tightly with changes.Yes and keys are spot on .D+2
that's great drumming !! very cool changes and i love the support you're providing :)+1
You've got great ears and work so well with this difficult template. Very well done.+1
March 09 2015 00:15:16
mpointon Thank you, Wade for your very kind words (and everyone else!).

It is a tough template because there's sections and there's lot of phrasing opportunities (which Marc sometimes pushes, sometimes doesn't!) and it was deciding how to get them in without 'overdoing' it. I wanted to accentuate them without interfering with the flow. The other key, for me, is my overheads are low in the mix to stop the cymbals overpowering so they wash rather than crash.
Yeah! That's very good again! I love the two different grooves you've put under it! The reverb on the snare is so cool..... Just long enough!
I was a bit insecure about the possibilities of the track but you have proven otherwise! Tnx man, for your great ride here! :)
Hey, very nice!! :D+1
Like Wade said... very nice (both of you)+0
Perfect drumming, and great sound!!+0
Fantastic drumming!+0
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