Dropping off the edge of a dream

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woXey322 jams
step I
New Zealand
Wade501 jams
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Just trying to add background to WoXey's wonderful track in a subtle way.


woXey - such a dreamy track! Wade - your sweeping sax lines are simply beautiful - and you capture the minor feel of this so well. 2:29 - oooo, love that change in the music! you 2 cooked up an intensely effective piece = so full of sadness and yearning. 3:38 and out made my heart ache. WONDERFUL MIX!+2
March 10 2015 11:23:50
Wade Ah go on...do it some more! Such wonderful warm reviews you give. Makes it very worthwhile just to hear what you're going to say. +1
March 10 2015 15:31:04
woXey wow Anne..i really apreciate ur kind words.. like Wade says: Such wonderful warm reviews you give. Thank u very much again.. Hugz +0
March 10 2015 16:22:35
AnneCozean i really like this barter system where we all get something that makes us feel good. ;) i once had a comment about how good my vocal was on a track where i'd mistakenly omitted the vocal. so sincere comments are something you will always get from this woman. +1
I'm blown away Wade !! This is so gorgeous..
WoX's template is wonderful & your add to this is SO RIGHT ! Flowing..
March 10 2015 11:33:12
Wade Yea, old guys like me gotta keep the flow going... +3
Terrific guys+2
March 10 2015 11:36:38
Wade Thank you for the listen and comment! +1
u tried well my friend! i love the way the sax blends with the piano.. very good i like it..a lot Thank u for this add.. :)
March 10 2015 11:19:59
Wade Thanks woXey. Means a lot to me when the composer of a track is OK with an add. I can assure you it was done with great respect for this beautiful piece. +0
March 10 2015 11:24:31
Wade Thanks GB. Will be on to some of yours shortly. +0
beautiful complement in this beautiful work, very well added Wade+1
March 10 2015 11:25:44
Wade Thanks ivax. Pieces like this can be very intimidating. Would be easy to screw it up. +0
This is really beautiful :) I like the slow dreamy feel you captured Wade ! :)+1
March 10 2015 11:26:34
Wade Thanks Rob, just trying to go with the flow. No way to impose anything on this it's so strong and special. +0
Pit Brett
great sensitive playing, you do have a very unique style.I like it :)+1
March 10 2015 11:31:51
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. That compliment (for me) is so uplifting. There are many very fine sax players around. I will never be as good as most, but can be me and not try to sound like anyone else. I think that's the key. For some reason most sax players are hung up about trying to sound like some 1960's great dead jazzer rather than themselves. +2
March 10 2015 17:15:57
Pit Brett
Pit Brett Yes Wade, you got the Key, and its nice and inspiring to see how you go furrther with acuteness of mind and open ears. i think its a great gift, to stay curious in exlploring new ideas, like kids do :) +2
Very very nice+1
March 10 2015 11:32:24
Wade Thanks cody. Appreciate the listen and comment. +1
in the dream of the ancestors , full knowledge of the spirit of nature+1
March 11 2015 21:39:30
Wade Such a deep reply...don't know what to say except thank you. +1

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