Highway Rock

Remix step #3 (playing)


mpointon472 jams Supporter
+ 16
In the time it took me to do this, another drum upload occurred! Sorry, getting a bit drum heavy here! Still couldn't resist a run, though. Check the intro, check the ending, press record and see what happens! Love it! Proper jamming although hardly polished on my part!


March 13 2015 05:05:55
akethesnakerakethesnaker Yeah! Nice drums!:)

March 13 2015 00:10:02
docnatdocnat Great addition, very fine job. I would like to have future cooperation with you.

March 12 2015 20:26:58
WadeWade Nice tight with the right bounce.

March 12 2015 17:57:05
Pit BrettPit Brett nice jamming :)

March 12 2015 16:37:13
NeronickNeronick Cool sounding snare for Johnny Winter :)
+1 March 12 2015 18:44:45 Neronickmpointon
Thanks! Just wish I could swing like his drummers! :| He employed utter groove kings.
March 12 2015 10:37:11
UloisiusUloisius very cool ;o)

March 12 2015 04:58:34
SlonMusicSlonMusic Rock'n'cool!!=)

March 12 2015 00:09:08
nuno1959nuno1959 Nice rocking mix, cool add MP !

March 11 2015 21:56:17
wiseshankswiseshanks Sounds great! Hell of an intro! Puts mine to shame!
+1 March 11 2015 22:04:56 wiseshanksmpointon
Thanks! I just jammed it (apart from the intro and ending). Your take is waaaay more polished!
March 11 2015 22:11:54 wiseshankswiseshanks
I had 20 mintutes before I had to leave for work so I somewhat rushed it. That's the beauty of this site! You get to hear so many great variations of the same songs!
March 11 2015 22:26:59 wiseshanksmpointon
It's tunes like this which make me wish I was Frank Beard!
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