a drake with his duck

Remix step #2 (playing)


Pit Brett175 jams Supporter
+ 12
One fast-done track. think my instrument needs service. Sometimes it sounds more like percussion...


March 14 2015 23:23:54
Great admiration for your ability to play so many instruments so well. You're a rare talent to be able to interpret music through so many different instruments. Played with fine feel. Yes there are timing, breath support and intonation issues, but these are minor and would disappear if this was your main instrument and got the attention/time spent playing all the others. The rest of us struggle to be as good plying just one instrument.
+1 March 15 2015 01:56:38 Wade Pit Brett
thankyou Wade for your great compliments. I realy do appreciate your detailed feedbacks.
Yes playing many instruments is mostly a compromise for me whereby playing tuba for example made it easyer for me to play sax... and gave me other understanding for the bass.
Maybe best would be to decide for just one instrument. But I cant decide. So I have to live with comompromises.
Wikiloops is agreat platform to develop playing instruments for me. I would almost never record anything.
It is so inspiring here see the trees that grow from one root-template. And its niche conversation too...
March 15 2015 23:52:29 Wade Wade
Doesn't matter that you switch around as long as you are enjoying what you're doing. I'm just amazed at how you can switch instruments so easily. Can also be a good thing to never feel the compulsion of "what do you want to do (play) when you grow up". Maybe they all get better simultaneously?
March 14 2015 22:53:05
Nice, very rxpressive!
+1 March 15 2015 01:26:55 Itocpogo Pit Brett
thankyou very much appreciate your comment :)
March 14 2015 18:43:43
Ich liebe es!
+1 March 15 2015 01:24:31 Balfo Pit Brett
das freut mich sehr Balfo :)
March 14 2015 16:28:56
Pit, bist Du jetzt die Ente oder der Enterich? :) Wirklich super passendes Sax, das eine ganz besondere Stimmung auf dem piano track erzeugt. Sehr schön!
+1 March 14 2015 16:34:15 Liesching Pit Brett
Ich danke Dir :) gute Frage, dachte das Sax quieckt ein wenig wie eine Ente. Könnte den namen auch ändern in zwei Enteriche.
Ich glaub ich spiel ein bischen zu laut und zu viel sorry Marc.
March 14 2015 16:39:44 Liesching Liesching
Find ich nicht. Passt gut. Gleich der Anfang überzeugt :) Das Bild von zwei alten Enterichen mit Piano und Sax an einem Tümpelufer gefällt mir.
March 14 2015 15:40:01
sehr schön ;o)
+1 March 14 2015 15:57:13 Uloisius Pit Brett
Danke Uloisius :)
March 14 2015 07:33:53
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very nice add Brett:)
+1 March 14 2015 10:20:12 Lenny Cowler Pit Brett
thankyou for listening Lenny :)
March 14 2015 06:36:59
passt zum Titel, ich mag es :)
+1 March 14 2015 10:19:25 AKchen Pit Brett
danke akchen :) freut mich, wenn es Dir gefällt :)
March 14 2015 02:01:30
cody trippcody tripp
+1 March 14 2015 10:17:56 cody tripp Pit Brett
thankyou cody :)
March 14 2015 00:32:10
Great sound Peter!
+2 March 14 2015 00:37:47 Milachica Pit Brett
sometimes a bit out of tune Arno
March 14 2015 00:39:12 Milachica Milachica
Just blame the sigarettes ;)
March 14 2015 00:41:25 Milachica Milachica
Just a little lack of breathsupport. But you clearly have 'the touch' when it comes to shaping the sound!
March 14 2015 02:41:20 Milachica Pit Brett
Thankyou Arno for your nice compliment :)
March 14 2015 00:23:37
I love getting my instrument serviced ! but doesn't happen often !
+1 March 14 2015 00:26:18 onewholeft Pit Brett
I love it too, but it is very expensive..

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