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Another tough arrangement, Marceys. Sadly ran out of time for any more takes and it could be better, but I've done what I can. I covered my drums in Moongel for this take to try and give them a bit more '70s-style 'splat'. I hope you like it - really hard to know where to take this tune. Spent half an hour deciding whether to 'swing' it or play it straight. I opted to swing in the end. I hope ...
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Martin Pointon,


groove,'re definitely one of my favourite drummers here!+2
Yeah that's great again Martin! I think your approach is real good! That's the cool about this, it can go all directions! I think I made some timingmistakes at the end listening it back! That is real hard for you to drum to! Cool track! :)+1
March 14 2015 23:09:30
mpointon Thanks, Marc. Your tracks are always a good challenge, forcing me to think musically rather than bash out a beat. Your sense of dynamic space really pushes my decisions on what to play.

This time I decided, unlike previous tracks of yours, to instead ignore the dynamics of your 'quieter' bits and belt through them to provide a more slid backing to those who play after us. I hope you don't mind!

As ever, your uploads are just musical nectar to me - I cannot resist a go. Thank you.
March 14 2015 23:12:44
Marceys Glad you did Martin! It came out real good! Always a treat to listen to your add's :) +0
This is fantastic! great from you two! :)+1
Good job again Martin!+1
Very COOL drums+1
Love hearing the quality of your playing. So precise and professional. A real joy.+1
Love it MP, super cool swing feel, drives it so nicely+1
Thank you all for your kind comments. I always worry when I post up tunes here. I want to do the music justice (I can't write songs like this fab tune of Marc's!) and hope to be tasteful and musical rather than clever, and I worry about the bits that could be better, the bits I could've been cleaner on - just a fill here or there. If I can't do a clever fill, I'll just not do it! I can't quantize, correcting is tedious so I try to go for takes. I posted this thinking it wasn't good enough and really wasn't happy with it.

When I listen to stuff by guys like DaFunkyDrummer, et al, I just think it's not good enough and can't touch them. But I aspire to deliver their quality of performance. I'm so glad some like it. Thank you.
March 15 2015 08:53:20
Marceys He man! Don't talk like that! Your drumtracks are very very good! It's always good trying to get your music better and better but keep in mind that the basis is solid as a rock! +0
March 15 2015 13:45:07
mpointon Thanks, Marc. Confidence isn't my strong point! :( +1

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