Dirty Reggae Funk Time

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July 25 2016 03:25:04
NewbieSaxNewbieSax It is impressive how you can "sing a song" with your sax. Stan Getz goes Reggae!
'Much love... JAH!!"

+1 July 25 2016 16:05:02 NewbieSaxItocpogo
Thank You for your beautiful comment! When I was a teenager, many decades ago, the first time I heard Stan Getz, it stopped me in my tracks that velvet sound and such creative ideas! At that time his "Focus" and "Jazz Samba" albums were out, and they were groundbreaking, different. I wore them out! When I heard him in person I was astonished he produced that same beautiful sound without a microphone!
March 20 2015 23:22:39
onewholeftonewholeft Yep cocktails all round - oh yeh and its your shout
+1 March 21 2015 19:30:08 onewholeftItocpogo
Thank You for listening!
March 16 2015 18:13:00
TG_StratTG_Strat I want a coconut rum cocktail now :D
+1 March 16 2015 23:48:04 TG_StratItocpogo
Thank You very much!
March 21 2015 19:31:23 TG_StratItocpogo
Thank You very much!
March 15 2015 22:25:31
MarceysMarceys Cool sax itocpogo!
+1 March 15 2015 23:09:24 MarceysItocpogo
Thank You very much! Your keys adds such a refreshing groove!
March 15 2015 19:23:00
mbiegunmbiegun Cool ;)
+1 March 15 2015 23:07:04 mbiegunItocpogo
Thank You very much!
March 15 2015 19:13:20
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)
+1 March 15 2015 23:06:25 Lenny CowlerItocpogo
Thank You very much!
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