Clarinet Waltz

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Clarinet over bass. kind of a study over two tonalities. Thanks GlezBass for your beautiful bass.


August 09 2015 01:25:42
what a lovely track ! sweet ...
+1 September 13 2015 01:23:02 aleonz javisax
Thanks for your comments aleonz!
April 13 2015 23:53:46
Javi, Excellent ad usual! I love your 2 clarinet counter melodies and naturally your solo!
+1 June 18 2015 23:11:41 Itocpogo javisax
Thank you for listening Itocpogo!
March 24 2015 04:20:37
francisco alfrancisco al
trabalho bem legal
+1 March 24 2015 13:47:11 francisco al javisax
Muito obrigado!!
March 19 2015 14:33:12
Love your choice of template to play with, GB's bass playing is just SO fine !
Your clarinet add only makes it even tastier, totally mesmerising Javi, beautiful.. ;)

+1 March 19 2015 19:08:48 nuno1959 javisax
Thank you very much Nuno!
March 18 2015 08:56:22
Just so fine. Do you guys live near each other? Sounds like you were sitting side by side working this out. Love the multiple clarinet lines that weave.
+2 March 18 2015 12:10:01 Wade GlezBass
Live 900 km away!!
March 18 2015 14:50:12 Wade javisax
thanks Wade, really we live in totally oposite parts of spain, but I'm glad we sound "together"
March 18 2015 23:53:38 Wade Wade
OK, so now we know that you've been talking to each other and wouldn't find it easy to "get together". 900 km is a lot easier than 9000! But I hope to be coming your way and have a jam with whoever is up for it.
March 18 2015 01:55:06
Oh Javi...This is way cool!
+1 March 18 2015 14:50:49 Fishinmissio javisax
Thank you very much!
March 17 2015 23:46:05
INCREDIBLE PIECE! As from now one of my alltime favorites for sure. GBs outstanding bass playin truely was made for meeting your clarinet!
+2 March 18 2015 14:51:15 Liesching javisax
Thank you Marc! I love the way he plays Bass!
March 17 2015 23:28:00
Perfect playin. So melodic and beautiful, Javi!
+1 March 18 2015 14:51:26 pkliesch javisax
Thank you so much!
March 17 2015 22:27:56
Viva Espana!
Majestic add on so cool Glez line.
Thumb thumb thumb!

+1 March 17 2015 22:29:56 Tofzegrit javisax
Thank you Tof! thanks a lot.
March 17 2015 21:50:36
Realmente espectacular javi!!! Es una composicion preciosa y una idea fantastica. Mi clarinetista numero uno. Muy bonito. El final de la cancion con sonidos acusticos de harmonicos de bajo y clarinete es espectacular
Really spectacular javi !!! It's a beautiful composition and a fantastic idea. My clarinetist number one. very pretty. The end of the song with acoustic sounds of harmonics and bass clarinet is spectacular

+3 March 17 2015 22:33:42 GlezBass javisax
I'm glad you like it, I tried to make like a study over the riff, more than a proper song, but the result was quite interesting, I think. Good job as always with your bass!. Muchas gracias amigo!

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