Lonely desert harmonics

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March 19 2015 14:47:46
Big chills down my spine, totally enraptured by this..
Fine add to create a GREAT mix, love it !

+1 March 20 2015 10:37:38 nuno1959 Wade
Nuno, you're such a positive person. Can't imagine you any way other than someone who will see and get the best out of everything
March 20 2015 12:03:49 nuno1959 nuno1959
Mostly true… but i also rant & bitch A LOT !!! :D
March 20 2015 23:47:03 nuno1959 Wade
We'll see!
March 18 2015 22:44:02
Pit BrettPit Brett
hard to describe this beautiful sounds, so i better just enjoy :)
+1 March 18 2015 23:11:29 Pit Brett Wade
Such a lovely thing to say. My sincere thanks.
March 18 2015 19:53:00
Great music! Sensitive musiciens interacting as if live. It MUST be live, in a way.
+1 March 18 2015 21:35:07 Lutz Wade
Igor, raise the platform the lightning is coming....It's Alive! It's ALIVE!
March 19 2015 09:31:55 Lutz Wade
Still need to thank you for this fine compliment...why is it I tend to be a wiseass first?
March 18 2015 05:58:03
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very nice:)
+1 March 18 2015 09:22:44 Lenny Cowler Wade
Thanks Lenny do you get time to listen? Seems like you must spend 12 hours a day playing.
March 18 2015 18:43:33 Lenny Cowler Lenny Cowler
No, I listen every morning at breakfast,It is an hour:)then till I come with work,listen and possibly play:). Can I make everything and I is not bored:)
March 18 2015 23:10:37 Lenny Cowler Wade
When I hear you play I can't help but think "this must have required hours of listening and practicing to get it so right." How would you have time to do anything else?
March 19 2015 06:03:18 Lenny Cowler Lenny Cowler
songs that I want to play, I upload on mp3 recorder. when I go to work and then home,
all the way, I listen:)I to memorize a song:)then it is easy :)
March 19 2015 09:28:21 Lenny Cowler Wade
Ah, now we have the secret! So clever.
March 18 2015 01:51:35
Oreo's and milk :-)
+1 March 18 2015 09:22:00 Fishinmissio Wade
On a diet...wish I could. Thanks Mark.
March 18 2015 00:45:26
I concur with ROBJOL... I couldn't have phrased it better !!
+1 March 18 2015 09:21:28 Psycho Wade
You're having another go?! Did you listen again as well? Thanks again (and for the next listen?)
March 18 2015 11:59:08 Psycho Psycho
No, I'm not a saxman at all. I meant "I couldn't have said it better :)
March 18 2015 00:14:25
Listening to this quality music is absolutely satisfying. I don't need anymore to buy in music stores. I have all I need here. Bravo guys.
+2 March 18 2015 09:20:18 ROBJOL Wade
This is such a kind thing to say about this piece and the site...I agree and do 99% of my listening here.
March 17 2015 23:22:37
So inspiring!! Great and sensitive playin', Wade! Really beautiful! 😊
+1 March 18 2015 09:19:06 pkliesch Wade
Another blush! This was like walking around in a beautiful sacred place. Didn't need a sign to say don't scream in here.
March 17 2015 23:05:43
Wonderful Wade
+1 March 18 2015 09:16:54 onewholeft Wade
Thanks Lairdy. Just happy to be in there.
March 17 2015 23:03:09
Speechless !!! I have loved this track from GB since he uploaded it and thought it perfect. I stand corrected. NOW its perfect !! :) :)
+1 March 18 2015 09:16:07 RobM Wade
Rob, you got me to blush! I love this track (the way it was)...just felt I had to be in there...even knowing that it's better the way it was. Nearly didn't post it...what the hell...what's the worst that can happen?
March 18 2015 21:41:49 RobM RobM
Mate, I call it like I hear and I heard beautiful music here :)

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