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Three sections same instrument different treatment/effect. Start; 1:10; 2:10. Would love to have comments/feedback about the use of these sounds for sax. Great track from Miconom (sorry about using it for an experiment). Sax is a 98 year old Buescher soprano in the key of C...go figure!


March 30 2015 08:28:42
BluesbuddaBluesbudda wonderful
+1 March 30 2015 23:01:25 BluesbuddaWade
Thanks Bluesbudda. The listen and comment are greatly appreciated.
March 24 2015 18:33:24
earlstevenearlsteven sorry, but can you kill the click in beginning; please :-)
+1 March 26 2015 00:47:24 earlstevenWade
Wish I could...
March 24 2015 18:32:01
earlstevenearlsteven i can feel the earth breathing! smoothy...
+1 March 26 2015 00:46:57 earlstevenWade
Such a nice thing to say! Thank you.
March 24 2015 04:16:26
francisco alfrancisco al ótimo trabalho. essa nota alta é edifício
+0 March 26 2015 00:45:47 francisco alWade
Graças Francisco. Estou feliz, se cada pessoa que ouve simplesmente sente alguma coisa com ele.
March 23 2015 12:12:32
LieschingLiesching U got my thumb with the first sound. But even more I am deeply impressed by all these lovely themes and short melodic lines(e.g. 1:36 or 1:46, too many to count). From now on an alltime favorite on my playlist.
+1 March 23 2015 21:12:24 LieschingWade
Thanks Marc, didn't expect that response! Will have to do more "mindless experiments". Just a flow without any preconceived ideas.
March 19 2015 04:42:34
nuno1959nuno1959 Given my penchant for effects take this w/ a pinch of salt..
I really like all 3 sounds, each for it's own reasons & i find them all highly useable..
The first 2 are more obviously a sax, the third is almost another instrument, all grabbed my full attention !
Your playing ? Mesmerising.. ;)

+1 March 19 2015 06:16:54 nuno1959Wade
Mesmerizing? OK you're now my official tester for the cobra act.

I like what you've had to say as most just offered preference. Knowing that the third sound is potentially usable is good information. That third sound brings out what I think is inherently a more trumpet like sound in this instrument. Yes there is wahwah, but I hear trumpet, not sax.

Thanks Nuno, greatly appreciated.
March 19 2015 00:48:22
akethesnakerakethesnaker Sounds fantastic!;)
+1 March 19 2015 06:13:20 akethesnakerWade
Ake my man! Thanks for the listen.
March 18 2015 23:28:30
Pit BrettPit Brett Hi Wade i like all 3 sounds :) in this example I prefer the 1st, because it the best natural articulation, wich bring me in a very peacefull mood.
next for me 2 and 3. Would be great to mix FX just by playing. it is possible but (in my opinion) making music is getting more complicated. you need more equipment and have to thinkmore, because you have to be technician an musicion...
I do have lots of ideas for a long talk, but it is late in germany ... good night M

+1 March 19 2015 06:11:30 Pit BrettWade
I greatly appreciate your point of view. A good topic, especially for players who are venturing into all the gizmos and gimmicks available. Does the technology become the point of interest or is it still just a tool?

We've probably all seen people who have keyboards that play everything in a zillion different ways for the "player" to add their 1 finger notes and think they are musicians.

I'm too old to become a tech head...but like the idea of some types of contouring the natural sound to use in different situations.

We'll have this talk some day...but not today.
March 18 2015 21:39:45
RobMRobM As a complete piece, I think it sounds fantastic. The transition from straight up sound to the other effects is very well done :) Not too much and still quite tame ... Go on Wade, step out a little further. A bit more musical crazy ;)
+1 March 18 2015 22:00:04 RobMWade
We have dissension opinion! Good on you Rob! You want crazy? I'll show you crazy! (a line from a movie?). I'm sure that the occasion will arise, but for now I've learned a lot from this exercise. Thanks to you and others for your help and opinions.
March 18 2015 20:04:27
BalfoBalfo Hey Wade, at 1:10 well seasoned, at 2:10 a little too much seasoning, but it's matter of taste.
+1 March 18 2015 21:55:59 BalfoWade
Got it. Thanks Balfo. I trust yours and others ears. The object is communication...we need to speak a language that entices so that we are "giving" to those who listen. OK, there's also times where we can be self-indulgent. It important to get honest feedback, especially from people you respect and trust.

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