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Remix step #2


1000TN60 jams
Remix step #3 (playing)


mpointon472 jams Supporter
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Really nice little tune this which I felt needed a bit of drums to pick it up. Couldn't get the click to line up in Reaper so I jammed against the track. Hope you like it!


March 19 2015 18:54:58
nuno1959nuno1959 More impressive than your excellent playing has got to be your flexibility, your range.. & the gusto you bring !
What a rush MP, thanks.. ;)

+1 March 19 2015 19:05:24 nuno1959mpointon
Thank you Nuno! Very kind words. :)
March 19 2015 02:57:33
onewholeftonewholeft Nice

March 19 2015 01:11:27
RickplayerRickplayer nice drum track fits the tune
+1 March 19 2015 01:38:34 Rickplayermpointon
Thank you. Best compliment I could have.
March 19 2015 00:39:21
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine track!

March 18 2015 23:43:39
WadeWade I'm so ignorant! Reaper...the grim one? Clicks lining up? Does this mean that you don't usually play these tracks yourself but have a "robot you" that does it? Please throw crumbs of knowledge to this pitiful old man. No kids around to translate or clue me up...can't even text!!!
+2 March 18 2015 23:49:12 Wadempointon
No problem! Many of the tracks here are posted at a certain BPM (yours was). This usually means that, when you download them, if you drop the downloaded file into your recording software (mine is called Reaper) and set the correct BPM, the metronome of the software will line up with the track making it easier to keep in time with.

I'm all for 'old school' playing along but, depending on the mix, a bit of metronome can help :) Hope that helps.
March 18 2015 23:50:49 Wadempointon
Not 'yours' but 'this was'.
March 19 2015 00:01:36 Wadempointon
Oh yes: I'm not a robot - promise! All real playing, just having a metronome really helps keep me in check.
March 19 2015 00:38:52 Wadeakethesnaker
We are lost Wade!:D
March 19 2015 00:39:17 Wadempointon
Sorry :(
March 19 2015 06:04:33 WadeWade
Big smiles!!! Such a serious response! Got it...not the grim reaper but a cleverly named bit of software, clicks lining up is your seeing a flashing light (or something) that you relate to if you can't hear exactly what's happening, or to give a locked in steady beat (regardless of what's played).

Still doesn't help me text...not your problem.
March 18 2015 21:39:15
Pit BrettPit Brett Nice Jam :)

March 18 2015 19:54:02
1000TN1000TN big thanks, man! :)

March 18 2015 19:32:24
OliVBeeOliVBee nice ! i like the wide range of dynamics :)

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