The first kiss of love 2 my LesPaul

Remix step #3 (playing)


woXey308 jams Supporter
+ 14
I loved Martinas track from sec 1..! and i Have my new 6strings here on my lap..sweet thing,,,sexy... so i have to get used to her now..

I want the full track Mish! i have an idea... ;) oh not again...:D

Thank u and hope u like my little touch..

Peace and Love


March 23 2015 16:54:15
GuadañaGuadaña Beautiful guitar add!! Your new axe sounds great!! Enjoy it man!!!

March 20 2015 13:44:10
KeitonKeiton beautiful

March 20 2015 11:12:52
WadeWade So important to be inspired by the instruments you play. Need to hear more though.

March 20 2015 04:04:10
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice! Les Paul is the shit! I was trying out a stratocaster today but I gave up, I had 2 strats before.
+1 March 20 2015 16:56:40 akethesnakerwoXey
hell yeah Ake! she is a dream! but hey i still love my odl Strato.. every guitar has its story behind man..!
March 19 2015 22:47:48
PsychoPsycho I give you a thumb for the new LP (best giz ever made) ;)
+1 March 19 2015 22:54:21 PsychowoXey
oh man.. tell me about it.. dream guitar!
March 19 2015 21:01:42
MishteriaMishteria love it woXey!!!Thank you:)

March 19 2015 20:44:07
Pit BrettPit Brett jeah rocker, be careful bouncing with your new guitar :D
+1 March 19 2015 20:56:17 Pit BrettwoXey
lol!! :D nah man..she´s a Lady.. cannot bounce her off man.. ;) :D
March 19 2015 20:04:53
pklieschpkliesch Nice one, woxey! Envy your new paula 😄
+1 March 19 2015 20:55:33 pklieschwoXey
yes pk! amazing stuff!
March 19 2015 18:51:54
incivanpicoincivanpico enjoy the moment woXey!:). Les Paul's are awesome instruments m8!:)So pleased you bought a "paul" ;)
+1 March 19 2015 19:03:11 incivanpicowoXey
u shold see my banana face...! cant stop smiling..! she is so perfect..;) :D i feel honoured playing on a LP man..
March 19 2015 19:04:50 incivanpicoincivanpico
cool stuff!;)
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