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Lovely piano template by Marceys, they are always a thrill…
Had to figure out a few things, got it wrong a few times, restarted recording &… FINALLY managed what i hope isn't too bad, i sure enjoyed playing with it, hope you enjoy listening.. ;)


you make that Bass speak!:)very nice!;)cool stuff nuno!:)+1
March 20 2015 18:52:06
nuno1959 Eh, eh, eh…
Thanks Pico, very glad you like it !! ;)
Tell the reptile he did a fantastic job with this ;)+1
March 20 2015 18:53:48
nuno1959 Ah, ah Psy !! Or should i say…. Sssssssy while rattling my tail ? :D
Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it
Thats an interesting effect on the bass sound mate ! Is it a chorus peddle ?+1
March 20 2015 18:56:50
nuno1959 Thanks Lairdy !! Yes it is a chorus patch which has compression, chorus on my Nova System, then as i play w/ a thick pick, i strike the strings at an angle w/ the pick positioned sideways so one doesn't hear the ''Trrr'' grating pick sound against the strings... +1
March 20 2015 22:26:36
onewholeft Well done was ver interesting +1
March 20 2015 18:58:03
nuno1959 Good enough to fetch coffee for Mr.Garsed & his band ?? :D
Thanks man.. ;)
again very good add afther morning:)+1
March 20 2015 18:58:48
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 You should know by now i want you to go to work in the BEST MOOD possible !! ;) ;)
Thanks Bro !!
Nice track from you both!+1
March 20 2015 19:00:18
nuno1959 Marcey's piece deserved better, i know, but… maybe one day !? ;)
Still, many thanks Slon !
What else can I say but .... Absolutely Beautiful !!! :) :) So good, I'm thinking of going out a getting a bass myself ;)+1
March 20 2015 19:01:51
nuno1959 Thanks Rob & yes my dear, come to the Dark Side…. yes, you're feeling drowsy…. bass is good…. now when i snap my fingers you go buy a bass & won't remember a thing &…… :D +1
March 21 2015 05:40:35
RobM Who ... what ... where did this bass come from ...... +1
Yeah nice stuff from both... Wish someone would do my
March 20 2015 19:03:15
nuno1959 Thanks Mike, same here - this kind of garden is cool, the others ? DAMN !!…. :O +0
very cool+1
March 20 2015 19:03:40
nuno1959 Thanks Paulus, glad you liked it !!.. ;) +1
Very nice Nuno...almost sounds like your bass is a muted synth?? Nice work as always from both of you.+1
March 20 2015 19:42:44
nuno1959 Thanks Glenn, good to know you enjoyed listening.. ;)
The sound is the result of a combination of things :
a nice chorus/compressor/EQ effect patch, semi-muted strings, my pick at a certain angle & yes, it does produce this distinctive tonality

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