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Great stuff BDCee! Pretty full already indeed, but that's no problem. One can always add horns, right? ;)

I will be back for some solo-stuff, cause I wasn't in the mood this session.

Hope you'll enjoy!


June 10 2015 23:03:18
MPMP POWERFUL! Kick-Ass composite sax work on top of a magical CEE foundation. Double thumbs!

March 23 2015 23:19:52
Pit BrettPit Brett Wow! very good !

March 23 2015 22:12:16
francisco alfrancisco al bonito trabalho

March 23 2015 00:20:27
nuno1959nuno1959 A superb template + your fine playing = a real treat !
Love your lines...

March 21 2015 22:48:16
WadeWade Very tasty fit to Big Daddy's production. Very fine playing. Interesting how you stayed the the background with the sax chorus so much of the time. Leaving room for a singer?
+1 March 21 2015 23:20:39 WadeMilachica
Thanks Wade. I love how you always give fitting comments.

I tried to leave room for anything to happen. I realize that the melody I played is pretty 'out there' but I believe there is room for building some more atmosphere with fragmented licks, and obviously a solo of some sort in the middle. I actually did record a solo, but that is not worthy of this piece ;)
March 21 2015 23:28:33 WadeWade
Now you're teasing! Post the melody! What's the worst that can happen? You already have this version, so others can do their own melodic lines anyway.

You should know by now that there are lots of us here who are more than alright with "out there". I find your way of expressing yourself always unique and inspiration.
March 21 2015 23:33:39 WadeBigDaddyCee
good comment Wade.....most of the tracks I post though they may be sonically busy, are always presented with possible vocals or instrumental space in mind....definite verse/chorus/bridge sections
March 22 2015 03:02:03 WadeWade
Always a pleasure to hear tracks from you Big Daddy. Beautifully produced ready made tracks for soloists.
March 21 2015 20:54:55
ShiShi all the ingredients for a tasty listen Cee and Milachica :)

March 21 2015 19:23:27
LutzLutz Nicely, no masterly arranged and played.

March 21 2015 19:08:17
ZamzamZamzam Juicy Music.

March 21 2015 18:44:19
javisaxjavisax Very good job Mila. I love it.
+1 March 21 2015 18:54:30 javisaxMilachica
Thanks! :)
March 21 2015 17:46:43
KeitonKeiton Outstanding!!
+1 March 21 2015 18:54:06 KeitonMilachica
Thanks for listening! :)

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