In the Dark

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Beautiful template of Gigster Drums, Marceys and GlezBass, where I added a solo sax line melody. Thanks for sharing and hearing!


May 02 2015 02:44:23
MarianneMarianne Absolutely amazing sax add, Javier! Such a wondrous melody to the already cool template by Gigster Drums, Marceys and GlezBass! :)
+1 June 18 2015 21:29:17 Mariannejavisax
Thanks >Marianne for your kind words, I've been out for a few months, but I hope I will be able to play some more soon!
June 19 2015 05:03:53 MarianneMarianne
Oh, I hope so too, javisax! :)
March 23 2015 01:13:22
nuno1959nuno1959 I don't know how to describe what you're doing in the way you play but man, it's so... it grabs me, pulls me in & makes me feel REAL good !!
Thanks Javi & to my playlist it goes.. ;)

+2 March 23 2015 16:31:45 nuno1959javisax
Wow, i feel so honoured with your words, thank you very much!
March 22 2015 11:28:08
GlezBassGlezBass You have added a great quality to jam, is a sound and melody sax very good!!
+1 March 22 2015 12:24:09 GlezBassjavisax
Thank you Glez. Very good template of all of you!
March 22 2015 04:57:40
SlonMusicSlonMusic Why in the dark? I see a lot of Light here!=) Very nice Music from you, guys, and your part is brilliant, as always, Javier!
+1 March 22 2015 12:23:28 SlonMusicjavisax
Thanks Slon!
March 21 2015 23:10:27
WadeWade Nice micro-pauses in your melody. Always good to have that "singing" quality when playing melodies and you do it so well.
+1 March 22 2015 00:00:46 Wadejavisax
Thanks for listening and commenting Wade.
March 21 2015 20:13:41
AcousticegAcousticeg You add so much class to what ever you play. Enjoyed!
+2 March 21 2015 20:37:08 Acousticegjavisax
Thanks Acoustig. Let me tell I love all your templates!
March 21 2015 19:04:46
ItocpogoItocpogo I really like your improv around 3:16 to 3:36 and loved your melody statement and tone in the beginning. Your total playing is great and those parts I mentioned just really perk me up!
+1 March 21 2015 20:40:04 Itocpogojavisax
Thank you. It's really nice to hear from people who listen so much music, and take care of the details!
March 21 2015 19:02:25
pklieschpkliesch Beautiful melody!
+1 March 21 2015 20:40:41 pklieschjavisax
I wish I could make as many good templates as you, not only melodies... Thanks my friend!
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