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Here is another version with some solo-stuff added. I didn't want to post this because I wasn't really inspired for soloing, but the staff made me post it anyway ;) ;) :P I must re-do this one...


cool ! i think both sax play cool lines (maybe they could be improved on a second take ?) ... though i wouldnt keep them both improvising at the same time ? takes too much out of the clarity ... there are basically three solo sections : pick the first for one sax, the third for the other and the middle section could go to another instrument or your third sax ?+1
March 22 2015 00:50:53
Milachica Like I said... ;) +1
March 22 2015 00:51:46
Milachica I must re-do this, because it wasn't even serious. +1
March 22 2015 00:58:41
OliVBee Bb is certainly a great choice for sax or trmpt ... though i am quite sure there could be an interesting variety added by another instrument ;) +1
March 22 2015 08:22:49
Milachica Well, I truly hope someone will join in with another instrument. I'm really starting to dig the whole piece (without the sax-solo) +1
March 22 2015 16:47:40
OliVBee This is a track for Nurge ! :) +1
March 22 2015 17:28:27
Milachica Good idea! I sent him a message ;) +1
FANTASTIC !! A Thousand thumbs and playlisted+0
To me anything with sax is great but I'm just sax fan !+0
Agree with OliVBee about competing solo lines, but if one was pushed back I don't think it would be problem. I still love hearing your first melodic interpretation at 1:14.+0
March 22 2015 03:10:15
Wade And thanks for humoring my request!!! +0
Awesome, I like it:)+0
A kind of steps ahead atmosphere.
Very nice
Oh this is very nice!:) I have to agree with Lairdy!, I 2 just love Saxophone played this way!;)+0
Wow, sounds great !!+0
I love it! The 2 saxes interlaced is definitely a possible way to go - there are enough other parts where single lines stand alone. Very strong atmosphere!+0
Glad the staff ''twisted your arm'' hard enough to make you post it Mila ;)+0

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