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This is a composite that I've been wanting to do for a while. I'm playing with four sticks (which is incredibly hard), added clapping (clapping 3 minutes is a looonnnggg time), added cowbell, and tambourine. It's got a cool African vibe to it. Now I see why Ginger Baker was so into African drumming. If any of you would like to add anything at all to this, feel free! Be sure to listen with headphones. This has a real wide ...
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African, Ginger Baker, John Bonham, , Solo, African, Ginger Baker


Great!! Jack Bruce might restart an experimental song like cream at here :)+1
March 22 2015 07:07:59
wiseshanks Thanks Keiichiro! +1
super colleague:)+1
March 22 2015 07:07:28
Lenny Cowler
wiseshanks Thanks Lenny! +1
right cool+1
March 22 2015 11:04:00
wiseshanks Thank you! +0
Cool track hard to play all those elements .D+1
March 22 2015 13:22:17
wiseshanks The hardest thing is holding on to the 4 sticks. One always wants to slide out. +0
Cooooooool!!!! Reminds me to the Fela Kuti live album with Ginger Baker... Amazing druming!!!+1
WOW! I hear Led Zeppelin on this:)+1
March 23 2015 03:23:40
wiseshanks Thanks! Believe it or not I sample them a lot. Haha! +1
Great Playing!!!
Glenn Kotche (Wilco)has a solo thing (monkey Chant) if you're not familiar I think you'd dig it!

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