Without You Solo Guitar Mix

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Used my GT-3 and Aria Pro Guitar for this mix...
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You tell me?


real nice sounds here Acousticeg :)+2
When you often send me some positive feedbacks about how you receive my « playing » and when I can listen to this song from you, damned Rick, I feel so proud !
I dig what you can do with a guitar... Man :) This Track is so good
April 12 2019 19:28:17
PJE Very Gracious compliment from you Chris who is also a very great guitar player and musician! +2
April 12 2019 20:05:51
Acousticeg Out of all the guitarist here at Wiki I look up to you the most. You have all the qualities I wish I had. Your very disciplined. Widely versed and focused on everything you play. You could easily be a studio guitarist. Your not afraid to try new things. Way to many musicians get comfortable doing one thing. And that's fine. But I'd rather be a jack of all trades than a master of one. And I can hear that in your playing as well. Never stop reaching within my friend. There are many treasures to be found.;) +2
I love your playing - great feel - super technique - great tone. On top of a lovely composition. Following. :)+1
love the guitar but not sure about a noise (is it percussive?) kinda squelchy. I think it detracts somewhat from an otherwise fab sound+1
Mate it would be great if you could post a copy of this without the percussion it does seem to be very scratchy ? I tend to agree with MorganLeFey on this one could be so much better with a good drummeron it ! Just a surgestion !+1
March 24 2015 07:49:27
onewholeft Thanks mate I did mean with piano +0
April 08 2015 06:35:37
Acousticeg I don't have the sep for the piano part...lost it and lots of other songs I had been working on when my computer crashed. I found this backup the whole track on a backup drive and redid the lead guitar. +1
April 08 2015 08:57:44
onewholeft No problem love it as is anyway +1
Fine track! I have an Aria Pro too:)+1
May 01 2015 05:56:12
Acousticeg Mine is a 1980 Aria Pro 2 CS-400 Model with ash body and neck. +0
Wonderfull track....+1
very cool!+1
nice ballad+1
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