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Back on the keys after weeks I did number ONE of my to do list: Joining this lovely guitar template of Sir johnv. Added short piano solo and strings.


Goosebumps Sir Liesching, goosebumps, and that does not happen very often to me anymore, thank you for this wonderful add+5
March 24 2015 23:08:44
Liesching Your goosebumps is my pleasure and honour! :) I am really glad you like it, John. Your music is just beautiful. +3
i needed a kleenex....
thank you for touching us so deeply.
March 24 2015 21:47:22
Liesching You are most welcome, Anne! :) +1
Time for a Wiki CD ,just figured out how Dick can raise operating funds.My wife will love this much .D+3
March 24 2015 21:35:31
Liesching Thanks DS and kind regards for your wife :) +0
how lovely this is from you both :)+3
March 24 2015 21:44:39
Liesching Thank you Shi. I am happy you like it :) +1
so very nice+3
March 25 2015 23:14:50
Liesching Thank you allgirl. Much appreciated! +1
True music of the heart and soul.+3
March 26 2015 08:54:34
Liesching Thank you, Wade! Great compliment :) +0
Great playing Liesching!+2
March 24 2015 21:36:37
Liesching Thank you Balfo! :) +0
Excelent teamwork here! Great tune! :)+2
March 24 2015 21:37:48
Liesching Thank you, Marc! Wonderful guitar template of Johnv! +2
again very nice:)+2
March 24 2015 21:38:45
Lenny Cowler
Liesching Thank you Lenny! I´ll have a listen for your new ones soon :) +1
deep and strongly introspective, evocative and lots of superlatives ... the strings layer is a pure delish and the piano a wonderful treat ... it's a magnificent track from both you guys ! puts a smile on my face from start to last note and all i want is to let it run through again :)+2
March 24 2015 21:42:44
Liesching Thank you very much, Oliv. When I discovered Johnv at the loops a few weeks ago, I was overwhelmed of the range of his skills and talants. So I promised myself to jump on ohne of his awesome works as soon as I´d reach my keys again! You know you´re on my list too :) Bonne soirée Monsieur Bee! +2
March 24 2015 21:49:08
OliVBee i am glad you jumped in ! feel free to explore more of johnv ... a lovely listen !! +3
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