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Before there were websites to effectively jam on, let alone a wikiloops, my friend Eric and I collaborated by email and our own domains. We made a few tracks together and this piece is one of them. It's a sequence, but there is a ton of room for imagination.
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keys, guitar, synth, drums, bass, easy, slow, rock, ballad


What a firework of tones... Cool wind in my hair!
Very nice Psycho
This is wonderful.+1
March 25 2015 12:01:49
Psycho Thank you danny !! +0
This is great track Mr.Psycho...+1
March 25 2015 12:02:26
Psycho Thanks gi, it sure could use a solo ;) +1
awesome Psycho:)+1
March 25 2015 12:02:48
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thanks, Lenny !! +1
It has been very well arrangement, Greate Psycho :)+1
March 25 2015 12:03:40
Psycho Thank you Kei, solo anyone? +1
Great Psycho!:)+1
March 25 2015 12:00:46
Psycho Thanks Mish !! ;) +1
Pretty cool song!! I am with Tofzegrit - a massive wall of sound!! Great!!+1
March 25 2015 12:00:23
Psycho Thanks, yes, it was maybe tinkered with too much ;) +0
California, California very nice, Psycho!+1
March 25 2015 12:04:48
Psycho Thanks, yeah, it has that ring to it doesn't it ;) +1
Good one!+1
March 25 2015 18:51:18
Psycho :) thanks !! +0
fantastic Psych+1
March 25 2015 22:27:09
Psycho Thx ivax :) +0

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