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Another great tune from Marc! Sadly, badminton-strained wrist meant time was of the essence for me as I had maybe only a couple of takes in me before my left wrist gave me grief. This was the first and only take I did so it's somewhat jammed - I missed a couple of fill cues I'd like to have got, I'm on the crashes too many times and my hi-hat trills are messy thanks to my compromised left hand, but hey. Can't have everything. Excuses, eh?

*So* many options with this tune. In the end, I opted (as seems to be my thing) to work with the keys - Marc's phrases beg to be picked out - rather than play through, taking an intentionally pretty heavy-handed approach with the main riff. Dead-straight bossa-nova in the middle section and, in the end, the pattern I play on the outro riff seemed the only sensible one to go for. Hope you like it.


March 27 2015 03:53:29
Great playing! Sounds pro!

March 27 2015 01:09:02
Re-thought process explain :
I see it as a great way for us listeners to put ourselves in your shoes at that moment !
To me it makes the track feel a bit more.. almost interactive ?.. i like it !
Man, i do go on.. :D

+1 March 27 2015 01:12:13 nuno1959 mpointon
You and me both, Nuno. Long should it continue! :D
March 26 2015 02:22:45
Love having your full explanation for how you approach a piece of music. So professional!
+1 March 26 2015 02:27:21 Wade mpointon
Thank you Wade. Very kind. I don't know why I like to explain my thought processes when I do a tune, I just do.

It's almost an apology, sadly!
March 25 2015 21:59:51
nice work. Like the mid beat. You got it down solid.
+2 March 25 2015 22:27:27 Jaymny mpointon
Much appreciated, Jaymny. Much appreciated from a fellow drummer :)
March 25 2015 17:48:51
Very tasty drum part with great sound, Martin!
+1 March 25 2015 20:24:00 SlonMusic mpointon
Thanks, Slon! I think I'm getting better at this drum recording lark!
March 26 2015 07:34:30 SlonMusic SlonMusic
Love your snare! HH and kick is great also. Maybe the snare must be louder in the drum mix a bit? Just
March 25 2015 14:09:13
Pain can't stop us ;) Nice !!

March 25 2015 13:53:45
Played very good again Martin! Despite your injury the track is real cool! Right choices i.m.o. Cool that you can do this in one take! Your very musical if you can do that! Cheerz man and thanks for the great track it has become! Let's hear some bass now :)
+2 March 25 2015 17:35:23 Marceys mpointon
Thanks, Marc. I roughly worked out the sections I'd play in my head in advance before doing the take in an attempt to save playing for the take so it's not entirely improvised.

My wrist is feeling a lot happier this afternoon (hot bath helps!) so am thinking about having another pop at this with the other approach I had in mind. I've not been able to 'loop for two days and I'm suffering withdrawal!

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