Fried arachnid with Merlot

Remix step #2 (playing)
United States


Drumshticks1048 jams Supporter
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March 27 2015 04:25:22
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super drumming! Thanks Greg!;)

March 26 2015 06:30:03
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very well colleague:)

March 25 2015 19:35:45
mpointonmpointon Great playing and really nice drum sound - love the kick drum with its almost sub-woofer rumble!
+0 March 26 2015 23:13:44 mpointonDrumshticks
Addictive drums on a aging Dtxtreme kit.Would absolutely like to take my acoustic kit and trigger them instead. The response on these rubber heads is not so good .Mylar is a world of difference in true articulation .Again you are a tight drummer,I opt to let er rip hopefully landing where I need.thanks D
March 26 2015 23:32:03 mpointonmpointon
I know what you mean. But sometimes I would like the speed and flattering response that an electric kit can give. My main issue with electric kits are the cymbals. If I had my way, I'd play an electric kit with real cymbals.
March 27 2015 01:01:04 mpointonDrumshticks
The mesh heads have ridiculous rebound increasing speed bit the module makes them like a machine gun.There are great inprovments in newer models especially with silicon heads .Yes the cymbals are way behind in technology .The newer Ziljan metal cymbals for ekits work good .Rubber has the the responsiveness of a nice creme filled donut .Mylar is still the ticket cheap ,easy to replace and great articulation .D
March 27 2015 01:02:46 mpointonmpointon
Most importantly: brilliant track and great playing!
March 25 2015 15:57:47
PsychoPsycho Another nice jam !!


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