Piling On The Workload (+drums)

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Re-uploaded as the previous upload was far too drum-heavy drowning out the great backing. Massive apologies to those who commented previously :(

Re-uploaded the same acoustic drum track - but I think better balanced in the context of the music - it adds rather than dominates for me now. Enjoy.

Drums join in with a build at 0:25. Goes into a four-on-the-floor back beat with a smacked floor tom on the four. Ends with beating the crap out of my 17" crash cymbal.


March 28 2015 07:06:44
chrisbasschrisbass Yesss

March 26 2015 21:10:30
nuno1959nuno1959 Haven't yet heard the other mix you mention but this one ticks all my boxes.. ;)
Very cool piece to all involved !

+1 March 26 2015 22:49:03 nuno1959mpointon
The other mix is gone, replace by this. It was the same but the drums were drowning out the guitar! Can't have that!
March 26 2015 23:55:03 nuno1959nuno1959
Ooops… my middle name is ''Mr. Drown Them''… :D
OK, off to the corner i go in a pointy hat.. ;)
March 26 2015 23:57:08 nuno1959mpointon
They really were *too* loud - even for me!
March 26 2015 11:15:33
NeronickNeronick very close, balanced atmosphere :)

March 26 2015 02:38:46
PsychoPsycho Yup, drums sound good. And yes this jam has a quality to it. I'm no OliV, but do agree, the potential for a cool finale is possible, more than possible !!

March 25 2015 21:35:11
OliVBeeOliVBee a better mix yes :) could use more bass definition as it sounds a lil bit muddy in the low mids and low freqs ... it's a nice track ! some of you guys could try a proper mix in the end ?
+3 March 25 2015 21:39:21 OliVBeempointon
I think the only way is to ask for the individual loops which aren't available on this tree, sadly. But somebody better than me at mixing needs to do that!
March 25 2015 21:40:35 OliVBeeOliVBee
i can't think of a proper mix without having all the hi-res stems !! ;)
March 25 2015 21:51:01 OliVBeempointon
Thanks for the feedback, Oli. I sort of knew not long after I uploaded the previous version that it was just wrong. I hate to dominate others' work!
March 25 2015 21:27:58
KMstarKMstar great add!
+1 March 25 2015 21:40:48 KMstarmpointon
Thanks KMstar. I wanted to add backbeat power without busy-ness.
March 25 2015 23:03:35 KMstarKMstar
you succeeded!

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