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Against my better judgement but after listening to Jaymny's and Lenny's vastly superior efforts, I decided to upload my attempt at this track I did last week when it was first uploaded. Please give the other drummers the recognition they deserve on this track - their uploads confirmed to me I was playing in the right timekeeping ballpark and should be recognised for having bigger balls than me.

I shelved this recording at the time deciding it wasn't 'right' but have ...


We all play differently, and this sounds good to me. I have a dud folder too, but go back and think "well, just maybe" ;)+2
March 26 2015 02:23:40
mpointon I played this to a couple of friends before uploading last week and they said 'no'. But it, for whatever reason, seems to work for me. Sod it! +5
March 26 2015 02:33:23
Psycho Were your friends sober? LOL +2
March 26 2015 02:34:03
mpointon Yes :( +2
March 26 2015 20:01:47
nuno1959 :D :D +0
I like! Glad you shared!+2
March 26 2015 02:48:24
mpointon Thank you, Danny :) +0
Did you get paid for this ?The musicians union wants to know .Sounds great all the snare work .It has a tricky "where's the beat"feel.Do I follow the vocals or synch to keys?Good job.D+2
Once again greatly appreciate your sharing your thoughts and perceptions. Hmmm... 50 ways to leave your calling card?+1
March 27 2015 02:05:40
mpointon Thank you, Wade. The drumming world owes Steve Gadd big time! What a pattern. I remember studiously figuring it out as a young player. I just wish I could do Jeff Porcaro's Rosanna to the same standard! That's on the to-do list to make work. +1
very good colleague,I was always fascinated by how many options is for one song:)+1
It sure sounds fine to me & yes, NEVER trust sober friends, am sure they are all well meaning & stuff but….. ;) ;)+1
I wouldn't ever scrap a track again (if I were you)! Music inspires us all in different and awesome ways. This is very well played and great for the song. I'm glad you found the what the hell light :)+1
Hey! This is SUPER!:)+1
your crazy man! this is good stuff. good call uploading it. Next time your debating to upload or not, do this: 1 ask friends.(they say no). 2 challenge friends to a badminton game. 3 play the game 110%. 4 Hurt your wrist. 5 Upload song to wikiloops. 6 Give your friends the birdie and say thanks for the advice.
Never worry about uploading. I have (maybe even the majority) uploads that are garbage. But I had a blast doing all of them.
Very nice+1

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