Til Torgeir (Remix)

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I wanted to add something to this. Sadly, I rushed to finish it.


March 28 2015 21:51:00
RickplayerRickplayer well done
+1 March 28 2015 22:15:28 RickplayerHaffast
Thank you very much!
March 27 2015 13:49:14
OliVBeeOliVBee cool voicings :) welcome onboard !
+1 March 27 2015 14:54:34 OliVBeeHaffast
Thank you very much! I'm very glad to be here! :)
March 27 2015 06:54:20
MishteriaMishteria love it Haffast!!Beautiful guitar!!:)
+1 March 27 2015 12:32:59 MishteriaHaffast
Thank you very much! When I heard your track, I was excited just to get to play on it. VERY beautiful! And Danalyze is right, Dm is always going to be beautiful.
March 27 2015 05:19:19
Danalyze45Danalyze45 Gotta love Dm for guitar and piano especially... I like the melodies and the harmonized lines. Very well done. Definitely some cool mixes influence wise in your playing.
+1 March 27 2015 12:28:39 Danalyze45Haffast
Thank you very much! I really appreciate that. I need to not rush these so much and fix the mistakes I make, but this site overtakes my better judgement. I get too excited.

Thanks again for that feedback. It means a lot.
March 27 2015 05:03:28
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine harmonies!
+1 March 27 2015 05:09:18 akethesnakerHaffast
Thank you very much! It's been a long day and I got a bit sloppy in a few parts that I could've fixed fairly easily, but I appreciate it very much! :)
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