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Happy Weekend Jamming my friends! Finished this track 3 days ago but i found this vocal samples and i had to add them! Hence the title.. Feel free to jam on this.. i can hear Sax, Guitars, Drumms, Bass on it! anything fits !! in my head.. lol Have fun! One of those BOUNCEy ONES :D :D :D Friday night Wikiparty as usual at woXeylab!
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Funky House Electronic Party


yeah ;)+1
March 27 2015 21:43:32
woXey wanna dance Andrea?! ;):P +1
:D Oh yeah :D+1
March 27 2015 21:43:50
woXey no need for words.. :D:D:D +0
esto es absolutamente impresionante ;o)+1
March 27 2015 21:47:19
woXey Muchisimas Gracias Ulo!!!im in PARTY MODE ;):D +0
Like it Wox !+1
March 30 2015 17:23:06
woXey thanks M! i like ur Mixes too man! quality stuff! the power of wikiloops eh;) +0
thumb it up :D load it down :D DISCOwoXey :D
your talent is amazing :)
March 30 2015 17:24:40
Pit Brett
woXey Live Sessions man.. i was mixin it up as i was adding more samples.. Crazy Fun! :P:P:P +0
yeah!!! no perdamos el tiempo en elogios,todo el mundo a la pista...
Yeah! do not lose time in praise, everyone to the dance floor...
March 30 2015 17:23:29
woXey ala ahi a darlo todo!! woop woop lets move it up! +0
LOVE IT, now… where did i put my platform shoes & pointy shirts ? :D+1
March 30 2015 17:26:22
woXey LOOOL! Check out ur wardrobe man.. Put that Disco Suit on and ShakeIt ShakeIt!..:P:D +1

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