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So tired and Sick for playing guitar....
But always thinking about WIKI Music Lovers
This is a slow piece from mine played on Keyboards

Like Marceys would Write "Some Rhodes & Some Strings"

Sorry For the no chords notification!
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Keys, Rhodes, Ballad, Pad, Strings


Wow! Very nice template Tof.+1
March 28 2015 14:51:14
Tofzegrit Merci Steve
Pleasure to share
Wow, you can do everything, guitar, bass, drums and now even keys! That last one proves you must be very inteligent! :) cool track Tof!+1
March 28 2015 16:25:18
Tofzegrit Wow! Merci
I can be focused on keyboards part for the time of one song but problem is I forget the chords since I finished with them.
That's the case for this one!
Most of the time I translate from guitar or when feeling is there... I love Rhodes
So beyond good. Eyes shut, I can travel by listening.+1
March 28 2015 18:25:56
Tofzegrit Merci Zam. You can put off your seat belt! +1
oh this is how the truly sounds when you slap you keyboard Tof, I guess it screaming for a long time for you to play with it! so wonderful !+1
July 25 2015 04:41:01
Tofzegrit Drums and bass added on #36101 ;) +0
July 25 2015 04:47:25
Tofzegrit and... Merci Alice ;) +0
Wonderful atmosphere! :)+1
Who needs chords (well, maybe some do) Man you're kick'n some butt for a sick guy !!+0
March 28 2015 17:17:26
Tofzegrit Merci Psy!
This was already recorded a long time ago.
I still active!
Fine Tof, I don't know you are a playing keys also !+0
March 29 2015 12:12:42
Tofzegrit Merci Franky.
I play sometimes on my own material but always with feeling more than academic way
This is beautiful...could cut the textures with a knife!...great!+0

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