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Liesching96 jams Supporter
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After recording this one due to a request for an extended KJ jammin opportunity in the middle part I had some glasses of a fantastic Bandol red wine. Unfortunately I did an additional piano high solo AFTER this, starting 2:42. Anyway, I want to share this. Apologies! :)


May 28 2015 00:18:42
R1772R1772 Lieber Marc,erneut habe ich was übersehen/überhört von dir, weil ich durch die Mengen an sehr guter Musik hier nicht mehr durchsteige:-)).Das ist mir bei diesem Stück besonders peinlich, da es zu meinen Favoriten bei einer CD von dir, die hoffentlich bald kommt :-), zählen würde. Du verwöhnst uns mit einer einer Fülle an wunderbaren Tracks ohne dass dies zu Lasten der Qualität geht.

April 29 2015 22:58:37
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey my sampling should be accompanied by a New Zealand Shiraz, but its just before 9am and the sun is nowhere near the yardarm. Super listen sir
+1 April 30 2015 00:41:44 MorganLeFeyLiesching
Thank you very much and good morning, Morgan! :) Time to get some rest at the other side of the world! btw I love your voice! :)
April 30 2015 01:42:00 MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey
Wow thank you so much I am just about to go and do some busking for charity and I will do so with a lighter step as you have made my day
April 06 2015 01:52:48
FishinmissioFishinmissio Very nice
+1 April 06 2015 15:41:20 FishinmissioLiesching
Thank you, F! Much appreciated.
April 01 2015 00:54:02
RobMRobM Totally enjoyable from start to finish :)

March 31 2015 17:43:05
RickplayerRickplayer well done
+1 March 31 2015 19:06:48 RickplayerLiesching
Thank you, Rick!
March 30 2015 19:47:28
BalfoBalfo Ja, prost Liesching!
+1 March 31 2015 18:54:20 BalfoLiesching
Prost! :)
March 29 2015 21:12:19
WadeWade I love the shifts of mood and key until it settles and slowly builds. Nice reference to KJ but made your own. Beautiful modulations and phrasing that make this sing.
+1 March 30 2015 08:07:18 WadeLiesching
Thank you, Wade! Grateful for your precise listen and comment. :)
March 28 2015 22:04:18
AnneCozeanAnneCozean i will drink to this and commend your drinking for this. :) Marc - you are a fabulous presence, and your piano prowess is a pleasure to witness. i'm toasting you from afar!
+3 March 29 2015 15:22:12 AnneCozeanLiesching
Thanks and cheers, Anne! Just have seen your new one! I'll taste it with a glass of Sassicaia! :)
March 28 2015 21:36:29
incivanpicoincivanpico just love it!:)
+1 March 29 2015 15:06:19 incivanpicoLiesching
Thank you pico!:)
March 28 2015 21:16:54
frankyguitarfrankyguitar So eine schöne Überraschung am Abend... ich glaub ich gieß mir noch ein Gläschen roten ein.... !! :-)
+2 March 29 2015 15:03:42 frankyguitarLiesching
Prost Franky!

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