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After recording this one due to a request for an extended KJ jammin opportunity in the middle part I had some glasses of a fantastic Bandol red wine. Unfortunately I did an additional piano high solo AFTER this, starting 2:42. Anyway, I want to share this. Apologies! :)


wunderschön, meine frau fragte ob ich Keith Jarrett höre, (zum Köln-Konzert fehlt aber das Gestöhne) Die kleinen Fehler konnte ich nur hören, da Du die Zeit so genau angegeben hast.
Die kleinen Fehler machen es aber um so menschlicher.. das bekomme ich auch nüchtern nicht so gut hin. Schön ein paar Fehlerchen von Dir zu hören. :) wobei Du es auch ohne diese schaffst.
March 29 2015 14:38:39
Pit Brett
Liesching Danke lieber Pit! In vino humanitas- Rotwein macht menschlich! :) +1
i will drink to this and commend your drinking for this. :) Marc - you are a fabulous presence, and your piano prowess is a pleasure to witness. i'm toasting you from afar!+3
March 29 2015 15:22:12
Liesching Thanks and cheers, Anne! Just have seen your new one! I'll taste it with a glass of Sassicaia! :) +0
If you play like this after drinking...please..DRINK!!+2
March 30 2015 10:05:47
Liesching Thanx sbisio :) Try to keep a balance :) +0
fantastic driving on your keys, always grateful to hear your compositions+2
March 30 2015 10:07:10
Liesching I am grateful for the listen and this compliment, ivax. +0
So eine schöne Überraschung am Abend... ich glaub ich gieß mir noch ein Gläschen roten ein.... !! :-)+2
March 29 2015 15:03:42
Liesching Prost Franky! +1
Totally enjoyable from start to finish :)+2
this is still fantastic ! such a delicate playing :)+1
March 30 2015 10:06:10
Liesching Merci Monsieur Bee! +1
Oh man I need a drink too! Very cool pianoplay Marc!+1
March 30 2015 10:09:43
Liesching Thank you Marc! Happy to have such a great piano player for a listen. +1
Fantastic!! Just beautiful+1
March 30 2015 10:10:33
Liesching Thank you, Cody! Glad you like it! +1
Prost! Sehr schön :)+1
March 29 2015 14:36:36
Liesching Cheers, adu! :) +0

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