The Build-Up (Boss Battle)

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Could not play this as cleanly as I wanted to, so I scrapped it for a while. But, I like it - even if it is really sloppy. So, I decided to put up what I had... Enjoy?
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For Sale : Gibson Les Paul Standard, Hamer Monaco XT, Epiphone Ultra III and a Custom Michael Kelly Patriot. I'll be taking up flute after today.+2
March 31 2015 01:09:07
Haffast LOL. You're not fooling anyone Dan. You could play this far more accurately than I ever could.

In fact, you should probably do that... :)
March 31 2015 01:12:56
Danalyze45 My pikcing hand would go into convulsions if I tried to play this :) Alternate picking and I are not on friendly terms. +1
March 31 2015 01:24:58
Haffast It gets messy when I try to play something like that because I can't keep up and get out of sync. My fretting hand looks at my picking hand and says, "What do you expect me to do with THAT?" sometimes. +1
March 31 2015 01:36:33
Danalyze45 Haha haha I hear ya! +1
Very cool+1
March 29 2015 12:24:00
Haffast Thanks!
Kapitan had an awesome track. Really, I can't keep up with it. :)
great job Haffast. :D+1
March 29 2015 12:38:16
Haffast Thank you very much! I'm loving your work on here, by the way. +1
March 29 2015 12:39:59
KapitanH thx. :) +1
wow! Very good:)+1
March 29 2015 20:48:08
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Thanks Lenny! Much appreciated! +2
nice guitaring ;)+1
March 29 2015 22:42:11
Haffast Thanks! Really, this riff is way over my head, but I tried to keep up. +1
March 30 2015 00:04:28
Haffast Thanks Cody! Much appreciated! +1
Damned - this is amazing guitar playing!!!+1
March 30 2015 23:39:03
Haffast Thanks a lot Basster! I nearly threw it out because it wasn't very accurate, but I'm glad I didn't. And I LOVED what you did with it! Made it so much cooler! +0
Woah, this is great playing H. At first I thought I was hearing Michael Angelo Batio !! ;)+1
March 30 2015 23:37:34
Haffast Thanks a lot Psycho! I wish I could have played it cleaner - it's actually really sloppy - but that's a helluva compliment!

I think M.A.B. could play both parts, at the same time, without ever picking a single note. That guy makes me want to use my guitars for firewood. :)
March 31 2015 02:08:12
Psycho Have you heard his tribute to RR's stuff? Yeah, he can make you wanna crack a headstock LOL ;) +0
Fantastic, looks tremendously well+1
March 31 2015 02:25:14
Haffast Thank you very much! I appreciate that. :) +0
Groovy listening song...very nice+1
April 06 2015 11:02:31
Haffast Thank you very much Harri! :) +1

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